investFeed’s Live Token Sale Receives Widespread Support from the Cryptocurrency Community

Place/Date: New York, USA - August 2nd, 2017 at 12:48 pm UTC · 5 min read
Contact: Ronald Chernesky, Source: investFeed

investFeed, the next generation social investment network for cryptocurrencies has received an overwhelming amount of community support for its ongoing token sale. The crowdsale campaign that went live on July 23rd, has so far raised over 9850 ETH. The sale will continue until August 7th at 9AM UTC.

investFeed is designed with the cryptocurrency community in mind, which makes it stand apart from other social investment networks. The platform provides its users with insights into the cryptocurrency market along with a plethora of other helpful features to make it a true central hub. investFeed is a result of observation, constant development and iterations since 2014. The creators of investFeed have found that a majority of the platforms that try to serve the cryptocurrency community have failed to live up to their expectations. This in turn leaves them fragmented, scattered across multiple social networks and applications as they continue to try to share their insights. After analyzing all these deficiencies, investFeed has created a platform that addresses all the problems with social investing faced by the cryptocurrency community.

The FEED token offered by investFeed in its ongoing crowdsale will give users access to content subscriptions, premium content, advanced investor tools, the capability to promote one’s own content on the network, and even ad removal features. The team behind investFeed has come up with this blockchain based solution to help build a dedicated network for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and professionals around the world, which is currently unavailable to the blockchain industry. The platform incentivizes active contributors with rewards that are more befitting and attractive than the ones currently available on other social networks.

Explaining the platform’s vision, the CEO of investFeed Ron Chernesky said,

“Our strong belief in the future of cryptocurrencies prompted our decision to pivot from equities to decentralized digital assets. We feel that investFeed’s future should fully embrace the greatest technological breakthrough since the Internet.”

investFeed started as a social investing hub for equity traders and investors, and the latest planned iteration of the platform is a result of its constant evolution to meet the ever-changing requirements of the investment community. Cryptocurrencies have made a large impact, overcoming the roadblocks thrown at them by the conventional financial system. Their disruptive nature, remarkable adoption rates, and diversity has made them an attractive investment option, especially among millennials whose trust in the traditional financial sector continues to erode.

investFeed is looking to appeal not just towards the established cryptocurrency community, but also towards a millennial audience, who will find it to be a great tool to manage cryptocurrency-related activities as they find digital currencies to be a safe haven from corporate interests. Their familiarity with social networks makes investFeed an ideal platform to participate in social investing as they continue to search for platforms to voice their opinions on the subject. The investFeed social network will also include added functionality for portfolio management and order capabilities through third party APIs.

The CTO of investFeed Andrew Freedman explaining the company’s shift from equities to crypto assets said,

“The switch from equities to cryptocurrencies will also target a millennial user base that has shown disinterest in traditional investments. According to Bankrate, only one in three millennials has invested in the stock market. Millennials are more excited by this new technology because they feel empowered by the ability to participate in markets without traditional third-party interference.”

The FEED token will have a large amount of value on investFeed. It encourages content creation by both professionals and nonprofessionals alike for the benefit of the entire community. investFeed’s goal is to democratize the social media experience by providing an independent commentator the same leverage that a larger figure may have when promoting intuitive content.

Token sales have gained significant momentum because of their ability to support distributed applications and open source development teams. The investFeed token sale will allow the acceleration of product development, while promoting developer adoption and network growth. It will continue until either the hard cap of 28,000 ETH is reached or August 7th at 9AM UTC. Interested investors can access the token sale on the platform’s website.

About investFeed

investFeed was founded in 2014 by CEO Ron Chernesky and CTO Drew Freedman on a mission to bring a social investing hub to a community of equity traders and investors. After being Gala Finalists at the Bezinga Fintech awards in 2015, a successful global launch in 2016, and a community featuring over 15,000 sign ups and 200,000 live feeds, they both saw an opportunity to change course and address a growing problem for a new kind of market and investor.

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Disclaimer: investFeed is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.