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IPSE Received Additional Investment from GSR Matrix Fund to Promote Leapfrogging Multi-dimensionally

March 14th, 2020 at 11:28 am UTC · 5 min read

IPSE Received Additional Investment from GSR Matrix Fund to Promote Leapfrogging Multi-dimensionally

Photo: IPSE

At March 7th, 19:00, Mr. Wu Shenjun, founder and founding chairman of GSR Ventures and Board Chairman of GoldenSand Capital, announced to the public in a live stream on the three-eyed frog platform that the GSR Matrix Fund will provide an additional US$10 million to IPSE to support the promotion of the IPSE distributed search engine and ecological construction, and empower the next generation of value Internet. IPSE is positioned as the traffic entrance of the next-generation value Internet. Currently, the development of IPSE 2.0 products has been started. The completion of the POST token also marks the implementation of the IPSE incentive mechanism. With the strong support of the GSR Matrix Fund, IPSE will realize leapfrogging in technological innovation, integrated applications, and ecological expansion.

IPSE Engine Promotes Distributed Data Applications and Capital Helps Transform the Times

When 5G is gradually commercialized, the era of real data explosion is coming, and the centralized underlying protocols are difficult to adapt to the rapid development of the digital economy. IPFS is a revolutionary, innovative and disruptive global data industry fundamental protocol in the distributed data age. Owing to advantages of being efficient, fast, high security, and saving resources, IPFS will gradually replace HTTP protocols that has great pains in access, storage, security, and privacy in the era of big data. It can be said that IPFS has elevated the Web to a new level and is a powerful infrastructure for the next generation of value Internet. IPFS has a revolutionary influence in technology, but the incomprehensible nature of its data label, the hash value, seriously hinders the application of IPFS.

IPSE is a distributed search engine based on the IPFS distributed storage protocol. It is an important embodiment of the distributed business concept in the basic protocol layer and search engine field, and aims to create the next-generation value Internet traffic entrance. IPSE presents the contents of IPFS in a human-understandable way, which lays a solid foundation for IPSE to occupy the next generation of value Internet portal, and brings IPFS to the industry application. Technically, IPFS maps content to a hash address, IPSE maps the hash address to a semantic label that is understood by humans, and users only need indexing the label to find the content. Users share content resource and add tags to complete mining, and then get POST token incentives. Super-nodes can scale out to store index data and provide a stable search service.

IPSE takes search as its ecological portal and the grabber of IPFS applications, and pushes IPFS to landed application. It will provide global users with a secure, stable, convenient, friendly distributed search service and a series of related applications to constitute an application ecology. The GSR Matrix Fund’s additional investment in IPSE represents the high attention and recognition of IPSE projects in the global capital market. With the support of the world’s top capital, IPSE will enable a series of killer applications to enable the transformation of the distributed data era.

Achieving a Leap of Distributed Search From 0 to 1 With Landing Data Industry Solutions

From the perspective of value growth, the investment of the GSR Matrix Fund is a high recognition of IPSE’s positioning, technology, applications, ecology, and disruptive impact on traditional industries. From the perspective of the landing of IPSE, the value of IPSE is actually reflected in its solutions and core technical architecture.

The IPSE InterPlanetary Search Engine is a search engine based on IPFS. It addresses a series of pain points of traditional centralized data systems, and proposes a full-chain solution covering the life cycle of data from indexing, storage, retrieval, and recovery. It is the leader of distributed search to realize the leap from 0 to 1.

IPSE can solve issues from three perspectives. The first is the problem of data sources. The traditional search engine data comes from the extraction of information by web crawlers, which limits the information it can obtain. The IPSE search engine uses an incentive model to allow users to share data, and uses the power of the amount of users to make the data sources more diverse and comprehensive. The second is the problem of data storage. IPSE uses a decentralized storage system, uses hash encryption to achieve data authorization, and uses fragmentation technology to achieve high data throughput, thereby ensuring the efficiency of data management. Whether the data needs to be encrypted is chosen by users, which not only guarantees the security of the data, but also prevents the user’s data ownership from being violated. The third is the efficiency and cost of the system. IPSE relies on Dapp ports to reduce data management costs with smart contracts and improve system efficiency. In addition, IPSE also relies on the bridge attribute of distributed search engines, and assumes the role of the link between IPFS distributed storage technology and large-scale commercial applications, and fully exerts the value of distributed storage systems.

In the business practice of IPSE, IPSE cuts in from two perspectives of data traceability and underlying storage, and completed the Dapp matrix construction, laying a solid foundation for Dapp to build value Internet traffic entrance. In the future, IPSE will further promote distributed storage to large-scale applications, lead the trend of distributed economy, and promote the continued strong growth of the digital economy.

The era of the Internet is the era of “user is king” and “flow is king”. Flow has become an important asset, whether in the information Internet era or value Internet era. IPSE will become Google and Baidu in the era of blockchain and value interconnection, and the additional investment of the GSR Matrix Fund will accelerate this historical process. Under the protection of an internationally leading strategy and technical team, IPSE will realize more and more landing applications, create a complete and systematic distributed search ecosystem, and enable the long-term development of the global value Internet.