IXFI Announces Launch of New-Age Exchange Platform

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IXFI Announces Launch of New-Age Exchange Platform
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Two particular features to expect are the IXFI earn program and the NFT Barter Exchange program.

IXFI has announced the launch of its new-age centralized exchange. According to the company, the trading platform will provide an alternative to banks and traditional financial institutions.

The web version of the platform launched at the beginning of December 2021 and it’s available for users globally. By using it, users will enjoy quick and seamless transactions that will guarantee a superb trading experience. Speaking about the launch, Founder and CEO of IXFI, Cristian Andrei said:

“My vision is to create a safe and friendly ecosystem that would facilitate trading even for the less experienced people.”

Andrei believes that the product will motivate people to participate in cryptocurrency investments by removing the hurdles on the path. He noted that the idea was to eliminate the challenges faced by the biggest exchanges vis high trading fees, low liquidity, and very little customer support.

“Our aim is to encourage people to think big and open their minds regarding exchanges, by creating features that all of us have been longing for,” he concluded.

Future Features of the New Centralized Exchange

The centralized exchange launched with about 500 coins and up to 1000 trading pairs. To start off amateurs and beginners, the platform is developing a training environment where traders can hone their skills and earn rewards and points while doing so. These points can then be used on the actual marketplace.

Its diverse trading pairs allow intending traders to be flexible and diverse with their investments. This step is particularly important for amateurs who are still trying to learn the ropes. There’s also the automated trading option which uses real-time data and reports to guide trading.

While trading, users can choose between spot trading and a crypto swap. Apart from trading these assets, the exchange plans to launch additional features like crypto loans and card solutions for a swell trading experience. Also as part of its strategy, users will be able to trade without wallet addresses, provided all parties are registered on the platform.

Following the successful launch of its web platform, it plans to beta launch a mobile version of its platform by February. This will feature new iterations and updates based on feedback from investors and traders. Two particular features to expect are the IXFI earn program and the NFT Barter Exchange program. The IXFI earn program will allow users to stake their crypto balance and earn interest while the NFT exchange program will allow users to trade NFTs for NFTs.

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