John McAfee Launching McAfeeDEX, No-Restrictions Decentralized Exchange

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John McAfee Launching McAfeeDEX, No-Restrictions Decentralized Exchange
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McAfee is going to launch his exchange. According to the website, McAfeeDEX will not collect any customer information, no jurisdictions will be blocked, and there will be no limits.

This summer, computer programmer, businessman, entrepreneur and the US presidential candidate John McAfee revealed his idea to launch a digital currency access point that would merge both manual and bot trading over eight exchanges on one interface.

Dubbed McAfee Magic, this new project connects people to more than 500 digital currencies and has assembled 11,743 users at the time of the writing.

Last week, on Friday, McAfee announced the whole launching of the exchange that has gor the name McAfeeDex which, in order to be used, “requires no name, no documents, no email, no bank info.”

He said:

“Transaction details are private and nothing is monitored — Nothing recorded and no restrictions. The McAfee Distributed Dex beta version is coming 10/7. Play with it. It takes time for enough users to join to make it real, but if you play, and be patient, you will see it’s the door that frees us from the government’s cornerstone of control: Fiat currencies. It can’t be shut down.”

The website of this new project shows a very limited preview of the future McAfee’s exchange. But we can see that it will provide free swaps for ETH-based tokens and a 0.25% fee for takers.

The site says every country can participate and McAfee added he had some new things to be announced sharing four unique pictures.

He wrote:

“Clues to my Monday announcement: It will bypass, once and for all, the nightmare of first image, totally redefine the second, bring on the hope of the third, and, hopefully, give us all the spirit of the fourth.”

The news is also following his boat run escapade as he has been evading the U.S. law enforcement for the last nine months.

Just for reminder, in January he publicly said he was on the run from “unspecified charges of a felonious nature.” He also mentioned prosecutors charged his wife and four members of his 2020 presidential campaign.

He admitted that he hadn’t paid taxes for 8 years but noted that hadn’t tried to make any secret of it.

From that times to now, McAfee is pretty much ‘hiding’ (even though his Twitter shows his location in each post) on his “Freedom Boat” and traveling across the land by using a tin-foiled lined, Faraday cage-like bunker – not to be discovered.

Whatever someone would think of McAfee, the truth is – he knows how to grab the audience’s attention. And as far as we know, he always stands up to what he is saying.

A lot of time he spoke about how taxation is theft and every individual should have a right to financial privacy.

A few months ago he noted that “cryptocurrencies can free the individual. Every so often and very rarely, a clash of old and new cultures brought about by technology changes civilization”.

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