Could It Be? TikTok Influencer Claims John McAfee Is Bitcoin Creator

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Could It Be? TikTok Influencer Claims John McAfee Is Bitcoin Creator
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McAfee was believed to be highly knowledgeable about the blockchain.

A TikTok influencer Harry the Soul Coach asserted that the long-time unknown Bitcoin creator is deceased computer programmer John McAfee. Years upon years and months upon months, many have raised questions on who created the No.1 cryptocurrency. With the question hanging with no definite and proven answer, different people have come up with different claims on whom they believe developed Bitcoin. Despite the many names that have been suggested, none is yet to be tagged as an accurate answer.

Is John McAfee the Creator of Bitcoin?

In a recent video, the TikTok influencer said that John McAfee is the creator of Bitcoin. Stating his reason, he explained that the alleged Bitcoin creator had the resources as he developed McAfee.

“John McAfee is the creator of Bitcoin. If we go back and look at his past, he created internet security software McAfee in 1987. So he had backdoor access then.”

More interestingly, the social media influencer claimed in the video that McAfee is still alive. This contradicts the news of his death in 2021, which says that the British-American computer guru was found dead in an apparent suicide by hanging in his prison cell. Apparently, McAfee was arrested in Spain for tax evasion and was going to be sent to the US. However, his wife, Janice McAfee, argued that her husband couldn’t have committed suicide. Janice believes that the suicide is not a forgery. More questions are arising. Is McAfee truly the creator of Bitcoin? What if he is still alive according to claims? Is he dead? Did he commit suicide? Was he murdered? What is the relationship between his demise and the assumption that he is the mysterious Bitcoin creator?

McAfee’s Stance on Blockchain

Before his arrest and death, McAfee gave many interviews that showed he was highly knowledgeable about the blockchain. In one of his interviews, he  said:

“Blockchain is the first technology that has not come from the bowels of the government or a black program from within the military. It’s not from IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, or some other corporation. And the technology, by and large, has been open source – it’s available to anybody. This is a defining moment in the evolution of the human mind. The first application for the blockchain was cryptocurrency. And the first application of cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, which has far, far outlived its life expectancy. But it has no privacy. You can’t put smart contracts on that blockchain.”

While no one knows the person or group of persons that created Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto is the name adopted to address the presumed pseudonymous person.

Could it be true that John McAfee is Satoshi Nakamoto?

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