Kambria’s KYTE Creates Bridge between Open Research and DeFi

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Kambria’s KYTE Creates Bridge between Open Research and DeFi
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Kambria brings government agencies, top universities and leading companies to work together in advancing the world through research.

When researching use-cases of blockchain technology, you are sure to find a deluge of solutions by innovative minds worldwide seeking to make their mark within the blockchain technology industry. But beyond the boundaries of blockchain technology, Kambria is one project portraying huge promises. It applies the principle of decentralization to harness the power of AI and Robotics. Through Kambria, anyone can collaborate in researching, developing, and commercializing innovative ideas and get rewarded fairly for their contributions in the highly liquid KAT tokens.

Kambria is not short in innovative idea supply, and has creatively devised a way for its community to participate in the burgeoning decentralized finance industry. Kambria dubs it KYTE, an acronym for Kambria Yield Tuning Engine. As we know, DeFi seeks to broaden access to open finance and has become the most popular open innovation initiatives within the native blockchain ecosystem, capturing the mainstream players’ and retail markets’ attention alike.

KYTE is not just a standalone token competing for parallel utility with Kambria’s primary KAT token. The Kambria team burned 133.8 million KAT, representing 9% of KAT’s circulating supply, to create 1.338 million KYTE.

Kambria already has a growing community of collaborators and mainstream partners from the educational sector, AI industry, Blockchain, and DeFi ecosystem. Therefore, it is the logical path forward for Kambria to create the perfect gateway for its community to access DeFi products, a sector that has seen more than $100 billion flowing into space within Q1 of 2021.

KYTE represents an engine to help the token holders optimise yields which could be either through machine learning algorithms or crowdsourcing from the Kambria platform. But in practical terms, what does KYTE afford its holders?

With KYTE, Kambria ecosystem users can stake the token to back any project of their interest in the Kambria platform and crowdsource with it. For this, users earn incentives in the form of yields. Research is the bedrock of cutting-edge innovation that we see happening today in the world. But most times, it is capital intensive and requires surmounting a lot of bureaucracy. Even when private corporations step in to fund it, one can’t be sure if the funders’ interests won’t clash with the objectivity of such research. This is why open-source collaboration continues to plug the gap.

Kambria is rooted deep in this tenet by bringing government agencies, top universities and leading companies to work together in advancing the world through research. KYTE is the gateway to help form a nexus between innovative research in AI and Robotics, leveraging blockchain and the liquidity the DeFi sector affords most initiatives today.

Exploring the utility of the KYTE token, the Kambria team has laid out plans to expand the use cases for KYTE by creating liquidity pools for NFTs, IP, digital arts, and up-and-coming technologies. NFT interest has exploded in 2021, with more than $2.1 billion traded within the first quarter of 2021. Real-world asset tokenization has become increasingly more realistic with advancements in the area of non-fungible tokens. With added use-case for KYTE in NFTs, this allows its community to buy and sell these items both fractionally and as a whole, thus supporting creators and, of course, benefiting from participating.

It’s making the yield farming experience by partnering with Gourmet Galaxy, an innovative yield farming to launch an IDO held in March. It also has the KYTE pool available on Uniswap for those who prefer that option. And for others who hold KAT can convert to KYTE using Kambria’s automated conversion tool.

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