KPMG International Signed Deal With Innovative Fintech Platform

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KPMG International Signed Deal With Innovative Fintech Platform

KPMG International has become a member of, an exclusive advisory alliance providing financial services clients with an access to the benefits of fintech innovation.

KPMG International has announced a partnership with, a platform connecting financial technology companies with banks and insurance organizations. The deal with the alliance will enable KPMG member companies to work with financial services clients to grasp fintech innovation opportunities and drive the development of their businesses.

Such Australian banks, as ANZ Banking Group, Adelaide Bank and Bendigo have already joined the Matchi alliance. The platform will be utilized to advise clients on how to implement and deploy offerings into the market. Since its opening in 2013, Matchi has brought innovations from hundreds of companies in the fintech sector.

“We are delighted to join in this new alliance with KPMG. Our Members now have access to KPMG’s extensive network of financial services professionals with on-the-ground experience in 155 countries to not only advise them in the fintech innovation matchmaking process and also in deploying new technologies,” Matchi CEO, David Milligan, said.

KPMG International is a network of member companies that provide advisory, audit, tax and other services based on their knowledge, expertise and professional capabilities. It serves a wide range of customers, including governments, corporations, not-for-profit organizations and public sector agencies.

KPMG International helps its clients to minimize risks and embrace new business opportunities. The network includes over 162,000 people working in member companies all over the globe.

Ian Pollari, national head of banking at KPMG Australia, told Computerworld that the team will help fintech companies in advancing their businesses, including assistance with acquisitions and mergers.

“This exciting research will greatly enhance our knowledge of fast-developing alternative finance markets in different parts of the world. This will assist policy-makers, regulators and industry in monitoring, understanding and where necessary, taking the right steps to facilitate the growth of alternative finance markets, such as peer to peer lending and crowd-funding,” Pollari said.

“Our alliance with Matchi answers key questions for financial institutions of how they find the right fintech, how they can better evaluate its quality, and how they engage with fintech companies, many of which are small start-ups,” Pollari stated.

With the agreement, KPMG will be able to further enlarge its fintech capabilities, including innovation centers in the UK, Australia, the U.S., Luxembourg, Israel and the Netherlands.

“Our professionals are focused with financial institutions in areas such as marketplace lending, next generation payments, wealth management technology, and cyber security and biometrics. The Matchi Alliance will help enable greater speed and value in deploying new fintech solutions to address critical needs and opportunities,” global co-lead of fintech practice at KPMG, Warren Mead, said in a press-release on the company’s website.

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