Kryptview Raises $650,000 in Pre-Seed to Develop a Community-Driven Crypto Research Platform

April 22nd, 2022 at 4:12 pm UTC · 2 min read

Kryptview Raises $650,000 in Pre-Seed to Develop a Community-Driven Crypto Research Platform
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Kryptview, a collective intelligence platform that provides peer-reviewed research for digital assets, announced the closure of its pre-seed round, raising $650,000 from crypto technology companies, accelerators, and private investors.

The cryptocurrency industry is valued at nearly $2 Trillion. Still, investors must rely on fragmented data sources and informal channels to gather information about digital assets when researching tokens and digital assets. Kryptview bridges this gap through a community-driven research platform for crypto assets while rewarding its contributors for their efforts.

Kryptview provides a Research Wizard that allows a contributor to share research about different aspects of digital assets, including team and advisors, token, community traction, and competition. The platform uses a proprietary analytical framework to collect structured information.

Once a contributor posts research for review, community members (validators) must review it within 24 hours. Research is only published if it receives more than the required minimum reviews with an approval rating of over 60%, and Kryptview rewards both contributors and validators.

Samy Nadi, the co-founder of Kryptview, said:

“We only have Web2 models for crypto research today. Web3 dapps that incentivize users for bringing value are the new way to go. Kryptview ticks all the boxes when it comes to robust analysis tools for crypto assets.”

The pre-seed round of Kryptview witnessed significant interest from crypto firms, including Smart-Chain, Defi Research Institute, Matters, and several crypto angel investors.

Kryptview Beta Launch and Public Token Sale

Kryptview has released dates for its Beta launch and utility-driven token sale.

Its Beta platform will be open to users from May 23, 2022, followed by its public token sale on June 8, 2022.

In order to secure their spots in the public token sale, users must start engaging with the Beta platform. Kryptview Beta users will accrue points for performing various actions such as publishing, reviewing research, and sharing investment portfolios. Users will be able to unlock different tiers based on their accrued points.

About Kryptview

Kryptview aims at helping crypto users share their research on tokens on a single platform. Its platform gathers insights from contributors all around the globe and has them validated by the community. Kryptview has designed mechanisms to reward all contributors and validators for their work.

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