Kvantor Introduces Complete Economic Freedom

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Kvantor Introduces Complete Economic Freedom
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Kvantor platform seems to be on the verge of revolutionizing banking sector, providing its users the potential for complete economic freedom. 

Recent developments in technology continue to impact modern business world. Most notably, blockchain technology has revolutionized countless sectors in the financial and business sectors. The distributed ledger technology and digital tokens are breaking new ground as blockchain eliminates intermediaries during transactions. As a result, various sectors are being disrupted as they begin to implement the technology. The finance and banking industry is set to undergo massive development as we approach a new era of financial relationships and transactions.

A standout benefit of blockchain technology is its decentralized nature, which has the potential to promote opportunities for the people, who are no longer reliant on a third parties. However, complete freedom of transactions has not been fully realized as we are still shackled by traditional methods of transacting.

Introducing Kvantor

The banking sector is changing, and we are approaching a new era when banks can no longer hold a monopoly over economic exchanges. Blockchain is empowering the people and its full potential may soon be finally unlocked, thanks to Kvantor, which goal is to give real freedom to economic agents of the global market.

Their vision is on the cusp of being a reality, with the help of blockchain technology, Kvantor are set to make economic freedom a reality. The platform utilizes the decentralization of all financial relationships by opening up a fast and efficient channel for the economic exchanges without any intermediaries. This allows for seamless transactions with drastically reduced costs and speeds.

With Kvantor, currency and commodity services are now able to provide cutting-edge service delivery with secure and transparent technology. Limitations on transaction speed, or geographical location are set to be issues of the past, according to the project’s whitepaper. Users are now able to engage in banking services anytime, anywhere, regardless of social, political or economic restrictions.

Kvantor offers a number of standout features and services that are set to revolutionize the banking sector. Interbank transfers for foreign trade has never been easier. Commodity exchange has also become seamless, with one-team exchanges between raw materials, transportation and even necessary documents now being transacted instantly. These payments (no matter in fiat or digital currency) are now more secure, reliable, and intermediary-free.

A particular focus of the platform is to provide a secure and reliable ecosystem on the blockchain, not just for funds but for every interaction. Kvantor incorporates the most sophisticated levels of security with data protection as a priority. Users are reassured that their personal identity is secured as the platform is designed to provide full confidentiality of transactions ensured by fast and safe settlements at all times.

Kvantor Token Sale

Kvantor are in the process of their private token sale and each token holder is entitled to a unique usage license of the results of intellectual activities (RIA) on the platform. The number of tokens determines the share of the RIA. Kvantor are set to issue a sale for its licenses with a value of 1/1300 the value of the troy ounce of gold on the day the Kvantor licenses are issued.

The first phase of the event takes place from 26/04/2018 to the 25/05/2018, during this period 20% of the licenses tokens are available to the public with a 40% discount. Following on from 28/05/2018 to 27/06/2018, an additional 40% of licensed tokens will be issued at 20% discount, with a hard cap for the event set at 32 million GBP.

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