KZCoin Ecosystem: Pioneer Community Governance Platform

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KZCoin Ecosystem: Pioneer Community Governance Platform
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With KZC as a digital asset, the owner can generate passive income because KZC share achieves both utility and liquidity for the entire ecosystem. 

KZCoin is a payment ecosystem featuring a special token that has pioneered the management of the blockchain network. This is through public access to financial infrastructure such as:

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • A marketplace for Non-fungible tokens (NFT)
  • Play-To-Earn Games (P2E)
  • A platform where users can advance their industry knowledge

In its development, the KZCoin project is intended to develop a simple and interactive system where the community of users can democratically decide on different change forms after voting. These voting rights are shared among those who hold the project’s native token, KZC. The project’s $KZC token serves in minting and NFT purchasing needs, among other applications such as resource updating and game-based facilitation

Financial Infrastructure Offered by the KZCoin project

  • DeFi

Also called the KZ Finance, this is a launchpad provision supported by KZCoin ecosystem’s decentralized finance platform. This launchpad provides an innovative model for crowdfunding where individual projects can capitalize KZC and their own tokens to attract support requisite for their NFTs.  As regards the NFT-supported structure, both KZCoin and its supporting projects can develop tighter associations for purposes of further connecting the community’s interests.

The DeFi infrastructure also enables KZC staking, wherein tokens are stored within crypto wallets for purposes of supporting the blockchain network’s safety and functionality. As an asset, KZC is not only unique, but also valuable within the network, attributes that qualify it for cryptocurrency betting.

With KZC as a digital asset, the owner can generate passive income because KZC share achieves both utility and liquidity for the entire ecosystem.

The Staking or betting model has been simplified to achieve better efficiency. It is also very straightforward and convenient for every token holder.

  • NFT Marketplace

The project features an NFT Marketplace woven as part of the platform for the sole purpose of enabling users in their NFT buying and selling activities, development of their individual collections, and trading KZC tokens for rare NFTs. Anyone who owns NFT under this project is eligible for $KZC token rewards for as long as they thrive in project games, and other forms of activities like NFT renting.

  • Play-To-Earn

KZCoin ecosystem also offers P2E games tailored to allow members of the community generate income simply by playing games. In-game operations are achieved through the KZC ecosystem where NFT tokens have been linked so that it is possible to buy and sell items for extra income generation.

Looking forward, the project intends to concentrate on offering more mobile-enabled games as well as introducing VR as well as the metaverse technology. These are all in efforts to bring together the whole virtual community.

  • Education infrastructure

Under this infrastructure, the project offers NFT tokens which provide a gateway into the restricted avenues of KZ Learning Platform. Herein, users can also employ the KZC token in calculating the token’s utility closes within the platform’s network.

The KZC Learning provides pundits with an opportunity to share information with other community experts through an effective NFT-based system of interaction. As tuition fee for learning, NFT tokens are used, with an open possibility for the future where tokens can be resold and payments directed to wallets of those who developed the training infrastructure.

Benefits of the KZC token

There are multiple benefits for using the KZC token, among them are:

  • As a token holder, you have governance rights. This means you can take part in voting processes targeted at influencing how the KZCoin ecosystem develops.
  • Despite the size of your entry threshold, you can be still considered as an investor
  • The project runs on the Binance SmartCchain, which means you enjoy speedy transactions and affordable gas fees.
  • The resources of the KZCoin platform are at the full disposal of token holders on very friendly terms.
  • There are bonus NFTs to be enjoyed by token holders.

The experiences offered by other sites helped inform KZCoin ecosystem development, to be a flagship NFT Marketplace where members enjoy an easy-to-use platform for hosting one’s own NFT collection. Further enriching the level of convenience users get to enjoy, KZC ecosystem also integrates other renowned blockchains like Ethereum, Binance and Yearn.Finance.

For more information about the KZC ecosystem, visit the website or follow them on Telegram, Twitter, Instagram or Medium handles. You can also join the discussion on their Telegram channel.

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