French-based Lacoste Announces Strategic Partnership with The Sandbox to Celebrate 90th Anniversary

French-based Lacoste Announces Strategic Partnership with The Sandbox to Celebrate 90th Anniversary

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French-based Lacoste Announces Strategic Partnership with The Sandbox to Celebrate 90th Anniversary
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The dual has partnered to create the Lacoste World Tour branded multiplayer experience that offers the UNDE3 NFT holders a chance to win a prize in $SAND for a limited time.

Leading global fashion company based in France Lacoste has announced a strategic partnership with Web3 gaming powerhouse The Sandbox (SAND) to celebrate its 90th anniversary in style. According to the announcement, the Sandbox team will collaborate with Lacoste to create the Lacoste World Tour, a branded multiplayer web3 experience for the next two weeks. Featuring prizes in $SAND, the native token used in the Sandbox gaming ecosystem, the Lacoste World Tour will feature different themed locations including Tokyo, São Paulo, Paris, and Golf Island. The venture into the digital realm by Lacoste follows the successful launch of its virtual boutique earlier this year, which brought together the members of Club Lacoste.

Following the announcement, the SAND price edged 2 percent higher in the past 24 hours to trade around $0.397 on Friday during the early Asian session. The gamifi altcoin has gained notable traction during the cryptocurrency winter session, thus well positioned to rally further in the coming years.

The Collaboration between Lacoste and The Sandbox

According to Arthur Madrid, the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder at The Sandbox, the strategic partnership with Lacoste is a clear testament that blockchain technology can be used by traditional companies to reimagine their future business models. Moreover, Lacoste can now attract more Web3 users to its products much more easily than traditional marketing methods.

“This partnership symbolizes a fusion of timeless tradition and cutting-edge innovation, where Lacoste’s enduring legacy, represented by its iconic crocodile emblem and French sporting and fashion heritage, meets the boundless possibilities of The Sandbox. Together, we’re sparking the evolution of fashion, culture, creativity, and digital experiences for the upcoming generation,” Madrid noted.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Sebastien Borget, a co-founder and the COO at The Sandbox, who added that the partnership will help not only onboard more users to Web3 gaming platforms but also open a new realm of possibilities for players and content creators.

“Beyond sports and fashion, our partnership with Lacoste is a celebration of creativity, allowing players and fans to bring their imagination to life and shape their experiences in the world of The Sandbox,” Borget noted.

Commenting on the partnership, Benjamin Blamountier, the vice president of global brand and customer experience at Lacoste, highlighted that the company will continue to expand through emerging digital technologies beyond the two-week 90th-anniversary celebrations. Meanwhile, the UNDW3 NFT card holders have been notified that they stand a chance to win a prize of 100,000 $SAND during a special launch event between November 23 and December 06.

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