Lego for Traders: New Project to Create Smart and Intuitive Autotrading Scripts Is Launching Ico

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Trading gets easier as a new platform is set to detect trends on crypto market by analyzing social media and using machine learning based predictions.

Since 2009 Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies enjoyed a phenomenal growth but not every investor could enjoy it. In fact, earning money on this market is complicated process, requiring huge resources, knowledge and time especially today when market may not only rise but also fall and fall dramatically.

New project started by the French team of experienced blockchain developers aims to make all cryptoinvestor’s lives easier. Kryll platform offers intuitive ways to create and execute trading strategies automatically with no coding skills needed. During their first day of ICO team already gathered up to $600 000 (3 mln KRL). The goal is to have $29 mln.

You Sleep – Script Trades

The philosophy of Kryll project is to set investors free from routine work on the cryptomarket and to give them an opportunity to live and enjoy the money they earn while using autotrading system. “Imagine that everything can be different. Imagine that you can optimize your trading, catch new opportunities while getting back your life as well. Don’t trade your life away,” – it’s said in the presentation video.

Old generation of trading bots analyze market actions, such as time, price, orders, and volume. Kryll is about to enlarge available tools with their WYSIWYT (What You See Is What You Trade) technology. The automatic script can be guided by technical analysis and prognosis based on machine learning. Additionally it would use semantic analyses to scan social networks and recognize trends or recommendations coming from professional traders.

According to the road map, the closed Alpha-version for investors will be released in summer and the full release is expected in early 2019. Kryll is also working on a mobile app that will allow users to check in on their investment status at any time.

Test Until It Works

To develop an effective investment strategy is often easier said than done. Kryll minimizes risks allowing users to try their strategy out until they’ll be sure it’d actually work. Users will be able to test it over the 6 month of recorded data of market changes. Or to try a sandboxing option where the strategy is tested as if it were actually running on the market. Most importantly it’s free.

“Depending on your design and preference, a strategy may run once on your input, for example by buying a coin at market price and optimizing its holding via a 2 steps Take-Profit and Stop-Loss operation. Another might as well just listen to twitter sentiment about your favorite currency to compare it with market data before notifying you of a probable dip,” – it says in project’s White paper.

Experienced traders can make profit by creating their own trading strategies that can also be rented out to other users. The authors  can set their own fee in KRL for using their systeem by others. Within the diverse range of crypto tools and strategies even a newbie with little investment knowledge will be able to find a solution that will help to meet investment goals.

It’s All About Bots

According to the statistics, up to 80% transactions on cryptomarket are made by automated bots. You might be exchanging Bitcoin with trading bots and not even know it. Even though the competition between platforms is tough, there is still a high demand for such projects from the crypto community and advanced traders.

“They can be very useful, as speed transactions not limited by human interaction can capture brief instances of arbitrage. I personally do this with several different strategies I devised. The ability to achieve a hedge from the volatility in the crypto-markets is paramount. The more small gains you can achieve quickly, the more you are insulated from greater market fluctuation,” – says Camden Dore, entrepreneur and senior associate at Sutton Stone.

Cryptense S.A.S, a Blockchain company behind the Kryll project, has already raised 200,000 Euros in December 2017 from private investors before the token sale. Now the Kryll team aims to raise up to $29 million more via the ICO. It started on February, 7th and will run until March, 20th. A KRL token, gained during the ICO, can be used by investors as a “fuel” on the platform to make their automatic transaction. The more complicated is a script – the more it costs to set it to work.

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