LinkedIn Introduces Skill Assessments Feature to Allow Users Verify Their Skills

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LinkedIn Introduces Skill Assessments Feature to Allow Users Verify Their Skills
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According to LinkedIn, 76% of professionals wish that employers were able to verify their skills, and now the company offers such an opportunity with LinkedIn Skill Assessments feature.

LinkedIn, the largest social networking service for connecting career and business professionals, has rolled out a new LinkedIn Skill Assessments feature. With the new service, users are able to take tests to verify their skills and then add a ‘verified skill’ badge to their profile.

LinkedIn has conducted a research and found out that 69% of professionals think their skills are more important than college education when job-seeking. Moreover, 76% of professionals wish that employers were able to verify their skills. That’s why the company has decided to offer such an opportunity.

The company’s blog post reads:

“When skills are validated you can showcase your proficiency and become more discoverable to opportunities — early results show candidates who complete LinkedIn Skill Assessments are significantly more likely (~30%) to get hired.”

With LinkedIn Skill Assessments, users can verify their knowledge in areas like computer languages, software packages, and other technical work-related skills. For example, English-language tests cover 75 different skills, they are all free to take, but the plan, according to Emrecan Dogan, the group product manager in the talent solutions division, is to ‘ramp that up aggressively’ in the near future. The focus will be on assessments that are in high demand. In the next few weeks, LinkedIn will roll out assessments for C++, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel, and many other categories.

How to Assess Your Skills?

To assess their skills, users should scroll to the skill section of their profile and select one of the available Skill Assessments they would like to take. The results are kept private, and if users pass the test (or have 70% of the test done right) they have the option to add a ‘verified skill’ badge to their profile in LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Jobs so hirers are able to quickly identify and verify skill proficiency.

If users fail, they can study up and take another test again in three months. What is more, LinkedIn will provide an overview of how users did and unlock relevant learning materials for free (for a limited time). This will help ensure proper preparation for the assessment on the second run through.

If the test passed was an assessment for an in-demand skill LinkedIn will also send relevant job recommendations as soon as they’re posted.

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