Lionel Messi Leads Blockchain’s Green Revolution with PLANET

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Lionel Messi Leads Blockchain’s Green Revolution with PLANET
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Lionel Messi’s collaboration with PLANET is crucial in generating media attention and promoting the values of blockchain and a green culture.

Legendary Argentine footballer Lionel Messi has stepped into the spotlight not just as a soccer icon but as a leading advocate for environmental sustainability in the tech and blockchain world.

Messi’s recent involvement with the blockchain initiative called PLANET has garnered widespread attention, especially after a video circulated during COP28 in the UAE where he passionately spoke about the need for collective efforts to save the planet.

Messi’s Environmental Mission

The video showcased Messi holding a golden ball, symbolizing the precious nature of our environment. As he urged people to join the movement, the ball transformed into a model of the Earth, emphasizing the message of environmental consciousness.

PLANET stands out by disrupting the green tech market through partnerships with major celebrities, including Lionel Messi. Unlike traditional sponsorships, PLANET seeks enduring collaborations with celebrities who share a commitment to sustainability.

The project introduces Real-World Assets (RWAs) into the Web3 realm, providing tangible experiences for fans worldwide. At its core, PLANET operates on the PLANET token, fostering a comprehensive utility ecosystem with features such as Mystery Boxes, DAO governance, and the Ecosystem Fund.

PLANET aims to disrupt the $300 billion green technology industry, with an ambitious target of achieving an annual revenue of $100 million. The project’s unique flywheel model is a self-reinforcing cycle for environmental sustainability, creating positive impacts at every stage. PLANET’s dedication to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) further solidifies its commitment to addressing critical global challenges.

Messi’s Role in Blockchain and Green Culture

Lionel Messi’s collaboration with PLANET is crucial in generating media attention and promoting the values of blockchain and a green culture. His involvement extends beyond PLANET, with investments in Web3 soccer-centric gaming startup Matchday and being the brand ambassador for the NFT fantasy soccer game Sorare. Messi’s venture capital firm, Play Time, is actively engaged in supporting innovative projects that align with the principles of sustainability.

Moreover, Messi is also affiliated with the popular fan token platform Socios, with whom he has signed a $20 million endorsement contract. Messi will promote to his 400 million fans worldwide as part of the agreement.

The emergence of public figures like Messi in crypto-themed advertisements reflects a growing trend in the blockchain industry. Celebrities serve as gateways to bridge the gap between the complex world of blockchain and the general public, creating opportunities for growth for companies adopting such marketing strategies. However, caution is essential as the crypto community remains wary of potential scams associated with celebrity endorsements.

While Messi’s involvement with PLANET appears legitimate and aligned with environmental friendliness, the crypto community has witnessed instances of celebrities promoting scams. Notable cases include Kim Kardashian’s association with the Ethereum Max (EMAX) scheme, emphasizing the need for scrutiny when public figures endorse blockchain projects.

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