LISK Releases Lisk Nano 1.0 and Unveils Upcoming Milestones

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LISK Releases Lisk Nano 1.0 and Unveils Upcoming Milestones
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The release of Nano 1.0 brings the creation of innovative blockchain application platform outlined by Lisk closer.

Lisk, the blockchain application platform that enables users creating applications from the ground up in JavaScript, announces the launch of its major product – Lisk Nano 1.0.

The release is definitely a key milestone for the platform. Lisk Nano 1.0 offers a streamlined user experience and enhanced performance. It makes the creation of the innovative, safe, and seamless blockchain application platform outlined by Lisk last year possible.

Lisk team focuses on usability and makes Lisk Nano supported on Mac OSX, Windows 7/8/10 and all distributions of Linux. The platform features significant performance gains, the inclusion of a voting interface, a forging centre and further security enhancements such as the addition of second passphrases. The version 1.0 also allows for desktop notifications, a useful feature notifying users when their balance has been changed.

“Lisk considers the voting interface for delegates the defining feature of the new release. Integrating the voting feature, an important element of delegated proof of stake, is a great step forward increasing the user experience of the Lisk platform”, Max Kordek, a co-founder of Lisk, says.

“At Lisk we follow semantic versioning, where we release carefully conducted updates only every 4-6 weeks. This gives us time to undergo rigorous testing and peer reviews along with a pool request system where we allow changes to be questioned by all parties before approval,” Oliver Beddows, Vice-President of the Lisk Foundation, says.

The launch of Lisk Nano 1.0 comes several days after the release of Lisk Core 0.9.0, laying the final foundation for Lisk Core 1.0 set to hit the main network later this summer.

“Lisk 0.9.0 provides the bridge for 1.0.0 by improving code quality and readability, management of logs, implementing Redis and providing a solid foundation for continuous integration,” Oliver Beddows, Vice-President of the Lisk Foundation, says.

“As we move closer to realizing the extraordinary promise of Lisk we will continue to expand on our dedicated and talented team,” Kordek adds. “Our community is also essential to our growth and their support will be the only way to achieve our goals over the coming years. We are thankful for all the support, demonstrated passion and continued interest that the Lisk community showcases. We look forward to achieving our goal of establishing a widely used, next-generation blockchain application platform”.

Lisk managed to raise 14,000 BTC, which is now equal to $33 million, in the ICO a year ago.  Nowadays, Lisk holds approximately 62 million USD in assets, including both FIAT and a number of cryptocurrencies.

Talking about future plans, Kordek says: “For the next six months, we have three important milestones. First, this summer the first major version of Lisk Core 1.0.0 is scheduled for release. Second, Lisk is currently undergoing a huge rebranding with the first elements noticeable towards the end of the year. Additionally, the alpha version of the SDK for Blockchain applications will be released. From the beginning of 2018, the first alpha-stage applications may be built based on our framework”.

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