Luck & Load to Launch Their NFT Launchpad, Bridging the Gap Between Artists and the Crypto Space

Place/Date: - February 16th, 2022 at 8:06 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: Luck & Load

Luck & Load is pleased to announce its much anticipated Non-Fungible Token (NFT) launchpad that is planned to be launched after the minting, as the company seeks to bridge the gap between creative artists and the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. Through the emergence of the launchpad, digital artists will have direct access to collaborate with Luck & Load in a bid to debut the next blockbuster NFT collection.

The Luck & Load NFT platform is designed to benefit all lovers of art as anyone with a crypto wallet can access exclusive rewards that will notably redefine the profitability inherent in the NFT world. The operational model of the Luck & Load platform is significantly different from the norm, however, it is very relatable to both creators and collectors as a whole.

For the artist, the Luck & Load platform is designed to take away the hassles involved in launching an NFT collection. Provided you have the art, the platform will help in creating the smart contract, designing the minting mechanism, creating the rarity for the collection. Luck & Load will invariably assist the artist to achieve their dreams of launching their collections and getting them out to a ready audience of collectors.

General users can gain an early advantage by minting one of Luck & Load’s Genesis NFT which is a 10,000 collection of unique artworks. Holders of these NFTs can create their own deals, set the number of participants, and share the profit from the generated revenue while also retaining the privilege to list any collectible work they own as a deal to be traded on the platform through the Luck & Load ticketing system. Moreover, there is a possibility to participate in a referral program and get profit from deals as well. In all, Luck & Load will serve as a fair and functional ecosystem for all lovers of art and fun seekers to get adequate rewards for their interest in the NFT world both in the short and long term respectively.

The Luck & Load NFT Launchpad will announce significant milestones as they are hit, and notably appreciates its growing community for the support extended thus far.

About Luck & Load

Luck & Load is an emerging NFT launchpad and ecosystem designed specifically for artists and all lovers of art. The platform aims to create a new standard in the fast-growing world of digital collectibles where creators are rewarded adequately for their work, and lovers of art compensated duly for their interests. With its soundproof model, the Luck & Load platform is optimistic about its role in the development of the NFT ecosystem as a whole.

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