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Lucky Fury Takes Play2Earn Metaverse by Storm

January 25th, 2022 at 1:34 pm UTC · 2 min read

Lucky Fury is a NFT collection that has over 8,000 collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT is a gate pass to the whitelist of the blockchain game called Furry Roads. Players will get a chance to win prizes, earn tokens along the race track, and get achievements as they collect, play the game, and interact in the community.

The Furry Roads game is taking the NFT metaverse to a whole new level and the race is just about to start. Introducing a new multiplayer game that is blockchain-based, Furry Roads will create a multiplayer race game and NFT collection that allow players to be included in the whitelist and be part of the revolution that will define the future.

Players can mint, with the use of Ethereum, their NFT collection like unique, interesting, and irreplaceable digital assets in Lucky Fury. In Furry Roads, players get to monetize and get recognition from their collectibles. There will be a rewards system for every NFT that will entitle each player for tickets and chances to win during the giveaways. The start of a public sale. It is going to help Lucky Fury build a pool of funds that will have a place in the regular giveaways, charity events and also help us to do a massive marketing campaign before the launch of the game.

NFT for a Cause

Lucky Fury marketplace is the first platform that caters to not only monetizing digital assets, but also doing charity events that will give back to certain communities. Furry Roads aims to bring players together in one mission- to have good teamwork in defining the future of the project. Apart from the charity events, collaborations from different crypto influencers will take place to strengthen the marketing campaign. Events and campaigns on Telegram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube are about to take place in the coming months of early 2022 that the community will surely be interested in.

The possibilities are endless in Lucky Fury. What can you do there?

  • Mint your digital assets with the NFT in the Lucky Fury marketplace
  • Compete in the Furry Roads race and collect as many tokens as you can
  • Interact and join in the community for events and giveaways

Do check out their website as MINT NFT is about to happen soon!

Catch the updated and other information on these platforms: Twitter, Discord.