Luntivo Finance, a New Generation DEX, Announces It’s Limited Time Coin Offering

Place/Date: - February 10th, 2022 at 2:44 pm UTC · 2 min read
Contact: Luntivo Finance, Source: Luntivo Finance

Luntivo Finance, a New Generation DEX, Announces It’s Limited Time Coin Offering
Photo: Luntivo Finance

Luntivo Finance, which is a DEX, built on the Terra blockchain has announced its ICO starting on the 8th February, 2022 and ending on 28th March, 2022.

Luntivo DEX is the first of its kind on the Terra Blockchain. It is the first decentralized exchange on the Terra ecosystem to announce advanced features such as Yield Farming, Staking, and other advanced options for participants to earn money while growing the ecosystem.

Luntivo Finance Differs from other DEXs in many aspects, one being the provision of a Secured Asset Funds For Users (SAFU) for specified tokens.

SAFU makes sure that participants in the DEX are not susceptible to common liquidity scams like rug pulls and are assured of the safety of their funds. This helps participant confidence and reduces the volatility of common cryptocurrency assets.

The Luntivo Finance team is excited to announce that our native token LTVN is tradable on various public DEXs. In addition, Luntivo’s current users will have first-hand access to isolated lending markets and very elastic trading rates.

In order to ensure scalability, Terra blockchain on which Luntivo operates is built on the cosmos SDK and uses Rust programming language. This type-safe language paves way for additional features to be added to the ecosystem and reduce the possibility of cyber hacks and attacks.

The Luntivo ICO is an opportunity to support the team, and get LTVN Tokens. LTVN tokens are the platform tokens of the Luntivo DEX which can be staked on the platform, used to earn rewards on yield farms and used to carry out other activities.

LTVN will be listed on other DEX where it can be traded and used for other participant activities.

20 million LTVN has been earmarked for the ICO and they have been capped at a minimum purchase of 3 LUNA to enable more people to participate and a maximum of 600 LUNA to prevent wallets accumulating more than is needed and obtaining an unfair advantage.

The Luntivo Team is excited to throw this opportunity to participate in this new dispensation to the general public for a limited time to join now and build the future.

Learn more about Luntivo Finance: Telegram, Twitter.