New Games & Mainnet Launch Drives Metacade ahead of Competition

New Games & Mainnet Launch Drives Metacade ahead of Competition

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by Andy Watson · 5 min read
New Games & Mainnet Launch Drives Metacade ahead of Competition
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For anyone looking to step into the GameFi arena, Metacade might be the best crypto to buy now.

New blockchain play-to-earn platform Metacade, whose presale ended in March 2023, is making strides forward in its roadmap. Dubbed by many as the best crypto to buy now, Metacade is impressing investors and working on innovative updates to the platform, while Metacade’s CEO, Russell Bennett, is sharing a variety of bullish announcements with its audience via live AMAs.

With its mainnet launch on November 28, a wave of new investors could be just around the corner, ready to drive MCADE to impressive new heights. Dive in to find out why this GameFi playground could be the top crypto to buy now for gains in 2024.

What Is Metacade, and How Does It Work?

Metacade is a groundbreaking platform aiming to become the top destination for play-to-earn (P2E) gaming in Web3 and is being repeatedly recognized as one of the top cryptos to buy now. Launching with staggering initial success earlier this year, it has since raised over $16 million in its showstopper presale.

However, it’s more than a simple gaming platform. Metacade is a community hub where gamers, developers, and crypto enthusiasts come together to shape the dynamic world of GameFi, having fun with the latest titles and taking advantage of multiple earning opportunities along the way.

Players are able to compete in the Compete2Earn program, battling it out in the latest GameFi hits to win big prizes, while Create2Earn rewards community members for contributing insights and growing the platform. Perhaps most impressive is the Work2Earn initiative, which taps into Metacade’s Web3 and GameFi industry connections to offer a range of roles, from game testing to full-fledged developer positions.

Since the launch of Metacade Lite – a version of the Metacade site that had a selection of games for fans to enjoy as the main platform was being built – rolled out in May, the team has shown no signs of taking a backseat. It has collaborated with leading Web3 game developers MetaStudio and added several high-profile P2E games to Metacade’s virtual arcade – Rune Realms, EV.IO, and Cards of Ethernity, to name a few. Not only that, but Metacade has been building strong partnerships with progressive businesses to drive forward its offering even further. A recent collaboration with Web3 pioneers Polygon Labs will help “developers to create immersive, blockchain-powered games that offer true ownership of in-game assets and the potential for financial rewards”. Along with Sweat Economy, this has further cemented Metacade as a force to be reckoned with in the GameFi arena.

Metacade Adds New Games in the Run-up to Its Mainnet Launch

After laying a solid foundation and building a community of 26,000+ members, Metacade is now gearing up for its mainnet launch. This highly anticipated event pegged for the 28 Nov., is expected to drive further attention to Metacade’s vision and put it ahead of the crowd as the best crypto to buy now.

With the public launch, Metacade debuts an enticing affiliate scheme. Community members receive a branding kit and an affiliate link, enabling them to earn up to 25% of the sign-up fee indefinitely as long as new users stay active on the platform.

This launch coincides with the introduction of thrilling new games to the Metacade lineup, including Oxya Origin, Definity Legend, and, notably, Ember Sword – an upcoming social sandbox MMORPG that has the P2E community buzzing.

Alongside these additions, Metacade’s first Metagrant, a program empowering budding game developers through community-backed grants, is set to be awarded via a Game Jam on by the end of the year. Stay tuned to Metacade’s frequent AMAs to learn more.

Second-generation Staking Pool Adds Further Value

After the incredible success of its first staking pool, which maxed out at 250 million MCADE tokens, Metacade launched an even more ambitious second version on October 7th. With a doubled capacity of 500 million tokens, this new staking pool sees tokens locked up for six months.

Offering a 25% annual yield, one of the highest in the Web3 space, the pool attracted a whopping 413 million, underscoring the immense investor confidence in Metacade. Participants also receive a lifetime Metacader pass, unlocking exclusive perks within the Metacade ecosystem, such as lifetime access to the platform, early access to new Web3 utilities, offers, and airdrops.

Notably, any remaining reward tokens will be burnt, tightening supply and potentially boosting MCADE’s value. Plus, those staking in this pool get an early peek into the mainnet from 24 Nov ahead of its full launch.

Metacade Price Prediction

With savvy investors highly bullish on Metacade’s prospects, it’s no wonder some are placing MCADE in pole position as the best crypto to buy now before the end of 2023. The platform has soared past its roadmap targets, picking up some major collaborations and attracting thousands of loyal members.

Currently, MCADE is worth $0.018 – a price that seems exceptionally undervalued, given the fundamental picture, as well as its continued expected growth. Set to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 27.13%, GameFi is one of the hottest crypto trends, and Metacade is perfectly positioned to capitalize on its momentum. 2024 could see Metacade climbing as high as $0.10, though highs of $0.20 aren’t out of the picture.

The Best Crypto to Buy Now? It Might Be Metacade

As 2024 looms, with a potential bull run and the GameFi sector continuing its meteoric rise, Metacade stands out as a prime candidate for serious potential gains for savvy investors. A notable disconnect exists between its price and the flurry of recent and upcoming bullish developments: massive collaborations, an influx of new games, and the highly-anticipated mainnet launch.

For anyone looking to step into the GameFi arena, Metacade might be the best crypto to buy now. With its community-driven approach, next-generation gaming experiences, and well-thought-out vision, Metacade is setting the pace and establishing itself as a promising opportunity heading into 2024.

To buy Metacade (MCADE), visit the official Metacade website.

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