Mappedswap Announces Giveaway of More Than 800,000 MST This April

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Mappedswap Announces Giveaway of More Than 800,000 MST This April
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Decentralized protocol MappedSwap is launching a giveaway campaign that offers users opportunities to win MST and also join the platform.

The MappedSwap protocol recently announced a giveaway of more than 800,000 of its native token MST this April. This giveaway is part of a broader promotion campaign to attract new users. MappedSwap also has another campaign that entails providing users the opportunity to also “share, trade and win from a 200,000 MST prize pool”. Furthermore, according to the protocol. The campaign is kicking off on the 13th of April.

The MappedSwap Giveaway Promo

Both MappedSwap campaigns will run from April 13th to May 12th. Each of the campaigns has specific requirements that users have to satisfy to qualify for various perks and rewards.

Campaign one requires users to complete two tasks. The first one will see users spreading the word on social media. Users will have to “join, like, and share” promotion tweets and also tag at least three friends. For the second task, users must watch a video to find a code. Upon completing both tasks, MappedSwap users will earn 12 MST after 24 hours of verification processing. Participants will be able to access these MST tokens via the MappedSwap blockchain protocol’s referral page.

In campaign two, users can complete tasks that grant up to 550 MST and 5 USDM. Doing this within the one-month promo period exempts participants from having to compete in MappedSwap’s trading competition. However, anyone who participates in the competition will have to trade and maintain their leaderboard rankings in order to win MST. According to a MappedSwap promo document, up to 200,000 MST will be up for grabs.

Overall, participating in MappedSwap’s second campaign involves three tasks. Each participant must share a referral code on Twitter, accumulate trade figures up to $1000 in value, as well as trade and maintain $10,000.

During the month-long promotional run, there will be a lower entry barrier for newer users and MST rewards for referrals. Users will also receive staking and referral rebates in MST. Furthermore, there will be incentives for users to leverage a 10x margin trading function to boost their trading and earning potential. The value of each MST is approximately $1.

About MappedSwap

MappedSwap is a decentralized, on-chain cross-margin trading swap exchange built on the Eurus Blockchain. MappedSwap is the most funded decentralized crypto trading protocol according to its official website. In addition to its large liquidity, the DEX protocol also boasts a range of user-focused capabilities. These include low trading fees, high capital efficiency, speedy transactions, as well as a secure and safe environment. In addition, the MappedSwap protocol also offers the lowest slippage tolerance of less than 0.01%. Furthermore, its staking feature and referral mechanism boast a return of up to 80%.

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