MappedSwap: Users to Receive Ten Times the Funds for Trading on Margin Thanks to Frozen Assets Worth $6B

Place/Date: Taipei, Taiwan - March 2nd, 2022 at 9:33 pm UTC · 2 min read
Contact: Gerald Chan, Source: Mappedverse Labs Ltd

MappedSwap is designed to offer consumers ten times more funds to trade on margin on its platform. Eurus Blockchain was chosen for its interoperability with the Ethereum network. Eurus benefits from Hyperledger tech – a flexible cross-chain transfer network with high-speed capabilities. MappedSwap protocol strives to lower entry barriers for traders in DeFi scope through an easy-to-understand investing mechanism.

Users can benefit from a referral program and a high level of liquidity of the newest DeFI protocol. The protocol itself is created on the Eurus Blockchain.

MappedSwap Protocol utilizes Eurus Blockchain to run its DeFi cross-margin crypto exchange that has a high level of liquidity and one of the lowest slippage tolerance rates in the market right now.

MappedSwap Specs

  • Asset management tools for trading in DeFi, ten times more money for trading on margin.
  • Auto-trade based on smart contracts, safety and transfer transparency of Eurus blockchain.
  • Quick transfers (less than two seconds).
  • Overall liquidity of $6B billion arising from locked funds that back transfers.

MappedSwap’s commission is one of the smallest in the market – 0.3% unmatched by prominent players like Uniswap or Pancakeswap. The protocol’s slippage tolerance stands at less than 0.01% for $100K. At the same time, every approved loan is subject to an hourly interest rate, and the payout is required before the principal amount of the loaned asset. The repayment liability comes into force after an hour finishes.

MappedSwap benefits from an optimized UI design that’s intuitively understandable by crypto industry veterans and newcomers. Those who utilize MappedSwap platform for trading will be eligible to claim up to 80% of rebate fees (including a referral program) – traders will get funds in the form of rebate deposits.

MappedSwap has already opened a sale promo. Users can claim 100% back of the staking asset amount on a first-past-the-post basis. On Feb 21st, the first 245,989.990693 MSTs were already transferred to new lucky holders. US$1B worth of stake rewards are waiting in ETH, wBTC, and USDC token pools. The promo will conclude after the allocation of all staking rewards.

For more information on MappedSwap, visit: Twitter, Facebook, Telegram.