MasterCard’s ‘Fare Free Mondays’ Promo is Back for Apple Pay Users in London

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by Polina Chernykh · 2 min read

The giant credit cards company has relaunched its service that will let people, using London’s public transport, get a discount for their trips.

On Thursday, MasterCard has claimed that it is going to run its “Fare Free Mondays” promotion in London next week. It will enable card users to get a discount for their trips across Transport for London (TfL) network.

The previous promotion was available from November 23 to December 14 and appeared to be quite popular among Apply Pay customers.

The offer will be available for users of iOS devices, such as iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPad and Apple Watch, each Monday between February 29 and March 14. It could be used for a limited time, from Monday 4:30 a.m. to Tuesday 1:00 a.m.

The promotion will cover travels on London Buses, London Trams, Docklands Light Railway, Emirates Air Line, London Overground, London Underground, TfL Rail, the Most National Rail services, excluding Thames Clipper river services and Heathrow Express.

To get a reimbursement, you will need to add MasterCard to your Apple Pay Wallet and touch in and out using your NFC-enabled device. During 28 days, the cost of travel will be refunded by MasterCard. The maximum daily sum is £28.10 per person.

The process of paying with an iPhone is rather easy. You just need to open an Apple Pay wallet and touch the yellow reader. To integrate MasterCard into your wallet, you have to open an app, touch the plus sign in the right corner and insert security code to add debit or credit card from your iTunes account. You can also integrate a different card and input necessary data using your iSight camera.

The relaunch of the promotion is aimed at driving the wider use of Apple Pay and contactless payments in general.

The app, which allows making transactions by tapping a device against a terminal, has turned into one of the major online payment systems in the US. During the first three days since the launch of the service in 2014, more than 1 million cards had been registered on the platform.

The UK became the second country after the US to launch Apple Pay, which is now accepted at over 250,000 locations.

TfL integrated with Apple Pay in 2014, what made it the globe’s only transport network accepting contactless payments. It is currently the most used Apple Pay retailer in the UK.  According to the transport corporation, the riders used the contactless payment technology more than 300 million times last year.

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