Meet Belgian Popular Investor Catalina Norena Who Knows How To Take Advantage Of Market Volatility

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Meet Belgian Popular Investor Catalina Norena Who Knows How To Take Advantage Of Market Volatility
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Catalina Norena from Belgium is an eToro Popular Investor who likes to take advantage of extremely volatile markets by investing in ETF’s that are likely to show a profit when markets are down. Therefore, as her username suggests, she invests in ETF’s that track the VIX index or gold prices. She took the time to answer a few questions so that the eToro community can get to know her better.

eToro: Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Catalina Norena: My name is Catalina and I live in Belgium. I started trading 5 years ago as a hobby and decided to join eToro in October, 2017. I became a Popular Investor in January 2018 and have currently become a Rising Star. I would describe myself as  an organized, creative thinker. I like to explore alternative solutions to problems, and l to keep an open mind about what will work best. However, without strong and structured fundamentals, creativity cannot flow. I believe this is perfectly reflected in the way I trade.

eToro: Did you have previous experience with financial investments before joining eToro?

CN: Besides personal trading activities, prior to joining eToro, I also supported a trading team during my university internship (which mainly focused on trading foreign currencies). I have also participated in different trading competitions over the years.

eToro: Why did you choose to join eToro?

CN: I am a very social person and like to interact with people. When I learned about eToro, I was immediately convinced it would be the perfect fit for me.

eToro: What are the three key benefits of using eToro?

CN: First, I like how fresh and user-friendly the platform is. Everything is built up in a clear and straightforward manner. Second, the ability to not only learn from other traders but to effectively copy their portfolios is very innovative. Third, the interactivity of the platform also brings a sense of belonging and community, which I value a lot.

eToro: How has eToro changed the way you trade?

CN: eToro has definitely made it easier for me to trade. I particularly like the ‘One Click Trading’ functionality which, when configured correctly, makes it extremely easy to enter and exit positions.

eToro: What is your type of trading strategy and what is it focused on?

CN: I trade a system based on technical indicators mostly focusing on underlying volatility. I like to use a mid-conservative, trend-following approach. I trade SPX500, VXX and Gold and usually keep my positions open for a couple of days up to a couple of weeks.

eToro: What are the benefits of being a Popular Investor and what is your long-term goal as one?

CN: The exposure you obtain by becoming a Popular Investor encourages you to put more time and dedication into the platform, which in the end makes you become an even better trader. You also learn a lot from the questions and inputs you receive from copiers and followers. It is very important to have a good trading system, but even more important to revise it whenever necessary.

eToro: Do you have any advice for your copiers/users considering copying you?

CN: Don’t be afraid to ask questions. When you’re copying someone, it is of vital importance that you can do that with a full sense of security and confidence. Transparency is key.

eToro: What are your hobbies?

CN: Traveling, reading, art, oil painting and, of course, following the financial markets.

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