Meet Naomi Brockwell, the Bitcoin Girl Living in a ‘Bitcoin World’

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Meet Naomi Brockwell, the Bitcoin Girl Living in a ‘Bitcoin World’

New music video called “Bitcoin Girl” portrays the girl living in the world of digital currency.

A new music video called “Bitcoin girl” appeared on the internet and has already received 30,000 views. The four minutes video tells the story of Wall Street Guy who is trying to win the heart of Bitcoin girl. The main character was played by actor Gianmarco Soresi.

Naomi Brockwell, who played the role of the bitcoin girl and also was a director and producer of the video, said it was made to educate people about the digital currency as the majority is unfamiliar with bitcoin.

She wanted to clear up all misconceptions associated with virtual money. Naomi Brockwell is also a policy associate at Bitcoin Center NYC.

Speaking to SF Weekly, Brockwell commented: “Those who are unfamiliar with Bitcoin want to see it banned, while those who understand Bitcoin support it strongly. Essentially, the more people learn about Bitcoin, the more they like it.”

“Film is the best way to educate Americans about this exciting innovation,” she added.

During the music video, Wall Street guy attempts to attract bitcoin girl’s attention, but fails to impress. His cash and credit cards are rejected each time he wants to buy flowers, hot dog or a car. The guy finds his cash useless in the bitcoin world.

The video was made and presented by nonprofit film company Moving Picture Institute.

Naomi Brockwell also serves as a policy associate at Bitcoin Center NYC. Moreover, in an interview to Bitcoin magazine, she told that she is an active member of the advisory council of the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, an opera singer, journalist, CEO and founder of Rainsworth Productions and a program officer at the Moving Picture Institute.

She is also a creator of Bitcoin Girl educational platform that explores the world of bitcoin. Brockwell noted that the mainstream media describes bitcoin from the negative side only and the benefits of digital currency are hidden from public. But she believes bitcoin is about to bring significant social change.

That’s how she describes Bitcoin girl: “It is a more accessible way for people to learn about bitcoin, so that they are not forced to depend on a biased media for their information. It shows bitcoin in a refreshing way: as an exciting, powerful tool with the potential to create incredible positive change.”

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