Meta-World Bringing Gamefi to a New Level

December 21st, 2021 at 8:59 pm UTC · 3 min read

After a series of successful pre launch marketing events and pre-sales, the Meta-World NFT game is ready to be launched early January 2022.

Meta-world is a community-driven GameFi platform that improves player participation and entertainment through token distribution. Combining the advantages of DeFi and NFT to create a revolutionary token economy.

Meta-World NFT project is an island building and exploration game based on the Binance Smart Chain NFT platform Metaverse that promises unlimited hours of gameplay fun while subsequently allows players to earn in many ways in their very own virtual island.

Through the rise of many NFT based games today, Meta-World offers a new yet familiar game that will get you hooked in. It boasts of a vibrant game graphics and farmplay game scenarios that players love to play.

Meta-World is a game that allows you to build, collect resources, create and upgrade characters while earning through staking income, increasing the value of collected NFTs, invitation referrals or even earning revenue from owning an island of your own. Furthermore, players can sell and trade game assets in order to participate in game competitions and contribute to Meta-World ecology in exchange for revenues.

Meta-World has additional features that makes it different from the rest of the NFT games around. It provides an option for team play in its DAO lockup where there is a DAO revenue sharing among team members after a quest, having rare items through its Random Blind Boxes and the chance to own your very own virtual island through the island auctions and bidding.

Meta-World Bringing Gamefi to a New Level

The island bidding and auction system allows the opportunity for token value to increase its value. Once players become island owners they will enjoy the island’s income the most. During the airdrop and presale events, to ensure the protection of the early investors, they had minimal token distributions with a 40% token burning, the tokens will be released after the game launch.

It has passed the necessary audit through Certik, who checked all the game’s security measures. A comprehensive examination has been performed to ensure compliance to safe and secure industry practices. Meta-World is currently on the process of being listed on the exchange.

The Meta-World NFT game project has gained a significant attention globally even before the game launch. Its ability to have a successful presales through their seed funding and private funding is a testament to the high level of trust and support of its community. Shortly thereafter, Meta-World has reached a total of more than 150,000 members on its official game channels.

With a huge following on their official game channels, Meta-World supporters and fans are excited for the official game launch. Meta-World is a promising NFT game that is on the rise and will surely lead the NFT games in 2022.

Check out Meta-World in the links: Official website, Twitter, Discord, Medium, Facebook, Official Channel, Official community, Malaysia Channel.