Metaverse: One of the Most Underrated, High-Performing Blockchain Projects of 2018

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Metaverse: One of the Most Underrated, High-Performing Blockchain Projects of 2018
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An open-source public blockchain Metaverse puts transparency at the core while making convenient and secure digital financial services accessible to all Internet applications.

Over one thousand blockchain projects have already been failed in 2018, with most of them being tagged as scams. It’s understandable why people would become sceptical about other projects within the field. But, from our analysis, Metaverse is not one of them.

In the last threes weeks, Metaverse (ETP) experienced a price spike, with an impressive growth going against the bear market. Metaverse’s growth from $.69 to over $2.00 – 3 times in growth – has outperformed many projects in Asia, including the most notable blockchain projects: Neo, Qtum, and Vechain.

The Importance of Technology Transparency in the Blockchain Industry

“Transparency” is currently one of the major tech buzzwords going around the industry – with good reason too. Transparency allows the user to “see” and experience what is behind the scenes of the technological systems they are using. One of Metaverse’s main visions is to provide transparency for its users.

Metaverse has been very active with github updates, being in the top 8% for most active commits out of 778 projects according to cryptomiso. All the code is publicly available; anyone can follow the latest commits (every change in the source code) and see the progress of the project.

Metaverse Github Commit Tracking Analytics

Metaverse: One of the Most Underrated, High-Performing Blockchain Projects of 2018

(Anyone can track Metaverse’s progress development on Github)

The recent high activity is linked to the release of SuperNova, the latest update that was launched in June. SuperNova implemented the first phase of Digital Identity, one of the pillars of Metaverse. Anyone can now easily create his/her own Avatar on the blockchain to represent his/her identity. The public can visit the Metaverse Asset Explorer and see all of the identities and assets currently registered on the Metaverse blockchain, providing the transparency the public needs from a decentralized project.

SuperNova also implements new functions useful for projects built on Metaverse. For example, there is the possibility to do Secondary Issues and the integration of MIT (Metaverse Identifiable Token). Secondary issues and post-issuance adjustment of circulation volume can provide enterprises the flexibility they need in their day to day operations.

Blockchain Evangelist Ever Since the Early Blockchain Days in China

Metaverse: One of the Most Underrated, High-Performing Blockchain Projects of 2018

(Eric Gu at D10E Conference, Tokyo 2018)

Eric Gu, founder of Metaverse, has been a blockchain evangelist since the early days of China’s blockchain industry, and continuously supports domestic China and international premiere blockchain events. The Metaverse Foundation has multiple projects and initiatives running on the Metaverse blockchain and invites more developers to work with them to further explore what SuperNova can do for their ecosystem.

Digital Identity and Digital Asset Technology Holds the Key to Our Future

Metaverse: One of the Most Underrated, High-Performing Blockchain Projects of 2018

The recent release of Metaverse SuperNova has allowed for faster and easier creation of Digital Assets and Identities on the blockchain. The 100 person team at the Metaverse Foundation continues to show promise of further growth and advancement and does not show any sign of slowing down anytime soon. Compared to other blockchain projects, Metaverse is easy to use and very cost efficient. If someone wants to create a Digital Identity and issue his/her own Digital Asset, this will cost the equivalent of approximately 10 ETP.

The Metaverse Foundation is democratizing the use of blockchain by providing easy access and transparency for all users. Therefore, the recent rise of ETP is perhaps a return to value for the Metaverse Foundation, rather than a pure speculative price increase.

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