Metropoly’s Presale Is Selling Out Fast after Beta Release Exceeded All Expectations

December 22nd, 2022 at 10:02 am UTC · 6 min read

Metropoly’s Presale Is Selling Out Fast after Beta Release Exceeded All Expectations
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Real estate has been considered incredibly valuable to investors for centuries. Unfortunately, the real estate market has become almost impossible to enter as house prices skyrocket, but the earnings of retail investors don’t keep pace. As such, investors have had to turn to mortgages with high levels of interest to add these properties to their portfolios, which significantly eats into their rental profits.

Metropoly’s goal is to change the world of real estate investing for the better by allowing anyone in the world to quickly & easily invest in real estate in just 20 seconds without lawyers, banks or hidden fees.

Here, we explain how Metropoly is making real estate investing accessible to anyone in the world, no matter their country of origin or their credit score. Keep reading to learn more about Metropoly’s features, and how to participate in the METRO presale.

What Is Metropoly and Why Should You Care?

Metropoly’s Presale Is Selling Out Fast after Beta Release Exceeded All Expectations

Metropoly will feature luxurious properties from across the world.

Real estate is considered a dream investment for most people, but the dream of owning real estate rental properties can become a nightmare quickly for retail investors. Land & property prices have skyrocketed over the years. While older generations could somewhat comfortably invest in the market, younger investors have to pull out heavy loans or simply give up their dream of ever earning passive income from real estate investing.

That’s why a project like Metropoly is so revolutionary. Metropoly makes real estate investment affordable to everyone around the world, allowing all investors to invest in an asset that will appreciate over time, hedge against inflation, and have the comfort of passive income on a monthly basis.

Metropoly does this by combining the incredible power of fractional real estate investment and the groundbreaking technology of NFTs. The Metropoly business model allows investors to buy a small fraction of a property, with several investors collectively owning the property together. These fractional Real Estate NFTs begin at just $100 USD to invest and users will start earning passive monthly income quickly & easily.

For a better understanding of how Metropoly works, those interested can check out the beta of the Metropoly marketplace, which allows users to view features of the Metropoly platform, such as the inbox where you’ll receive regular updates from your property managers. The Real Estate NFT property listings on this beta platform are for illustrative purposes, but the features themselves are what one would expect in the final product. Metropoly is even gamifying their platform to make investing more fun with an all-time leaderboard based on trading volume per user.

How Metropoly’s Beta Is Breaking Through the Barriers of Traditional Real Estate Investing?

The beta version of the platform should already offer a clear picture of how Metropoly plans to make real estate investment achievable for people around the world. For an incredibly affordable investment, you can own fractions of a penthouse in London, a single family home in Madrid and a villa in Dubai – plus earn passive monthly income at the same time. And all this without the stress of traditional real estate investing such as lawyers, banks, mortgages and hidden fees.

The actual investment process itself is also seamless and very different from the traditional paper-based process. It takes only about 20 seconds to complete a property investment, as opposed to the many months it can take with traditional methods. Users need only connect their wallet, visit the marketplace, do their research and choose which Real Estate NFT to invest in. You can choose from both short-term holiday-style or long-term rentals, and premium apartments, sweeping penthouses, and jaw-dropping villas will be available for sale on the Metropoly.

Metropoly’s Presale Is Selling Out Fast after Beta Release Exceeded All Expectations

Metropoly is currently running a $1 million giveaway contest.

As an example of the kind of properties available on Metropoly, the platform is currently hosting a $1 million giveaway which will give them access to a $1 million apartment in the Burj Khalifa. Entering the contest requires the participant to perform a few social actions, such as retweeting, joining the Telegram channel, or signing up for the newsletter. There are 10 different ways to enter the cost and they’re all worth it because there is a chance to earn rental income that might reach $100,000 annually.

Users will be able to earn passive income from their fractional holdings, see the value of the property appreciate over time, and also exercise voting rights commensurate with the number of fractions held. Combined, these features are setting the world up for a new era in real estate investment.

Metropoly Has Already Raised over $300k in Its Presale

Metropoly’s Presale Is Selling Out Fast after Beta Release Exceeded All Expectations

Metropoly’s presale is live and features many benefits.

The revolution in the real estate industry begins with the Metropoly presale. The Metropoly presale is now live and over $300,000 has already been invested by users in the first eight stages. The METRO token is an ERC-20 utility token with a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens, and there are ten stages of the pre-sale.

The minimum investment for the Metropoly presale is $100 USD, with each METRO token costing $0.05 during the current presale stage. Potential investors can make the purchase with USDT, ETH, or BNB. Stage eight of the Metropoly presale is almost sold out, so investors can get these tokens at the cheapest possible price if they buy METRO tokens sooner rather than later.

Even better than a low token entry price is the fact that all participants will also be enrolled in the Platinum Member’s Club. As such, you will receive benefits such as being whitelisted for early access to buy the first Real Estate NFT available on the platform after launch. Also included when you invest into certain tiers of the presale are Real Estate NFTs worth up to $10,000, bonuses of up to 5% cashback on rental income and a special Mr. Metropoly NFT – all depending on how much you invest.

Furthermore, The sooner someone invests in the presale, the greater the token price bonus they receive.

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The platform’s contract code has been verified by SolidProof and the team identities have been verified by CertiK KYC. CertiK is the leading provider of cybersecurity in the crypto space.

Metropoly Is Making Real Estate Accessible

Projects in the blockchain industry are only as important as the use cases they work on. From that viewpoint, there are few projects as compelling as Metropoly. This ground-breaking project will make real estate investing possible for millions of people around the world who never dreamed that they could own their own investment property. Metropoly promises to empower people so they can make their financial futures brighter, beginning with earning passive monthly income from Real Estate NFTs for as little as $100 USD.

Check Out the Metropoly Presale

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