Mike Novogratz: NFTs Are Way of Future

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Mike Novogratz: NFTs Are Way of Future
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According to Novogratz, NFTs mark the beginning of a new era. And now, we are “at the dawn of this new age”.

This year, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been gaining further adoption, catching the eyes of legendary names from various fields. Recently, Mike Novogratz, the CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners, shared his support for NFTs as well. In the latest episode of Next with Novo podcast, he spoke on cryptos and NFTs with Devang Thakkar from the Christie’s Art + Tech Summit. The main idea regarding the NFTs was that NFTs are the future of art and tech.

According to Novogratz, NFTs mark the beginning of a new era. And now, we are “at the dawn of this new age”. He said:

“The NFT space is going to be so much bigger, it’s going to show up everywhere. But every brand, every fashion brand, everyone who owns an IP, the music industry, the creative industry, is going to figure out ways to use this technology to build community, to grow community and to profit.”

Further, Mike Novogratz believes the NFTs are still at the very early adoption stage. He explained that “there’s not even great physical displays yet for NFTs”. According to the billionaire, the metaverse is just starting to build in.

Mike Novogratz has also provided examples of artists who already managed to raise money on NFTs. In particular, he mentioned blue-chip artist Urs Fischer who stepped into the NFT world with a series of original works in the form of unique digital sculptures. Besides, Novogratz was talking about NFTs in the gaming industry.

To sum up the podcast, Mike Novogratz said:

“I think, we are at a wonderful age in some way. There is this wonderful opportunity to create, to participate, to build community. What I thought was a stodgy art community, but it doesn’t seem so stodgy.”

Other big names that advocate for NFTs include numerous celebrities, sports stars, as well as Wall Street investors.

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