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MIT Bitcoin Expo 2015 Will be Held in March

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by Polina Chernykh · 2 min read
MIT Bitcoin Expo 2015 Will be Held in March
Photo: Lynn D. Rosentrater/Flickr

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) plans to hold the Bitcoin Expo during March 7-8th.

The MIT Bitcoin Expo is expected to be held by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in March.

MIT Bitcoin Club organized its first conference on digital currency last spring. According to the MIT Bitcoin Club’s blog, the event will have an “amazing speaking lineup”. The Bitcoin Expo will last for two days, during March 7-8th.

The conference will attract a number of founders of bitcoin companies, including Chain founder Adam Ludwin, Ledgerx president Juthica, Cryptolabs CEO Melanie Shapiro, Startx founder Elizabeth Stark, Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire and others.

Besides, the conference will feature a number of developers, such as Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, Zerocash developer Madars Virza and bitcoin core developers Gavin Andersen and Peter Todd.

The event will be sponsored by bitcoin blockchain API Chain and cryptocurrency exchange Circle. Although students of the University can attend the conference for free, general admission will amount to $125.

MIT students, Jeremy Rubin, Sam Udotong and Jinglan Wang, will also give their presentations at the conference. Sam Udotong is known as a founder of Fireflies app, a p2p delivery platform. Jinglan Wang is now developing a digital currency course at Wellesley College. She is also an illustrator of comics on bitcoin and cryptography. Jeremy Rubin , the founder of the MIT Bitcoin Project, entered the bitcoin industry by creating a Tidbit computer program. However, last year, Rubin and his team faced accusations that his project had the potential to breach computer security through unauthorized access and violated the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.

MIT Bitcoin Club’s founder Dan Elitzer and president Jonathan Harvey-Buschel, will be presenting as well.

The speakers at the Bitcoin Expo are planned to discuss the latest events and changes in the bitcoin ecosystem that happened over the past year. They will also focus on the future developments that are expected to be seen.

In October 2014, the MIT Bitcoin Club gave away $100 in bitcoin to undergraduates of the University as part of the social experiment. The project was targeted at increasing the students’ awareness and the use of digital currency within the MIT community.

Most of the funding for the initiative was provided by MIT alumni, although the bitcoin community also supported the idea. Jeremy Rubin and Dan Elitzer raised more than $500,000 at the time to distribute bitcoin to all 4,528 students, as well as informational activities related to the project.

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