How Mizar Wants to Make Algo Trading More Accessible and Stimulating

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How Mizar Wants to Make Algo Trading More Accessible and Stimulating
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Mizar’s utility token, MZR, will have distinct advantages for its holders and will act as the heart of the entire ecosystem.

Mizar, a platform for building and sharing trading algorithms via a marketplace, wants to change the future of trading. The stock market and cryptosphere have seen huge upticks in numbers from retail investors in the last year. While more and more people are entering this market, Mizar recognizes that a large volume of trade is dictated by powerful algorithmic bots that work to benefit large traders like institutions more than everyday people.

Making Bots and Algorithms Easy for Everyone

Mizar intends to make it possible for traders of all levels to harness the power of algorithmic trading, just like the bigshots. Algo-strategies can help traders automatically invest in crypto according to a multitude of factors, and with Mizar, users can access a wealth of data and tools that will help them create efficient and profitable algorithms for crypto trading. Once a successful algorithm is developed, tested, users will be able to deploy it and automate their trades. The best algo-trading strategies will be then published on Mizar’s marketplace for others to use.

Mizar’s algo-strategy market runs on crowd-sourced principles. The users who research and design algo-trading strategies that other traders use will receive rewards for their hard work, and this incentivizes the community approach to building and sharing algorithms. Mizar helps bridge the gap between developers who find it hard to engage the market and users who find it difficult to find and use successful algo-trading bots.

By creating an open market for algo-traders to share their successful algo-strategies, Mizar puts the community in charge of its own success. Users will be rewarded based on the performance of their algorithmic trading strategies on the market, and this can mean a lot of income for those who come up with the best ideas profiting the most people. It’s a system where everyone has an incentive to help each other out, and at the end of the day, more people have the opportunity to accrue wealth through crypto trading than if they take to the market single-handedly.

Successful Scalable Spin on Copy Trading

Copy trading has grown in popularity lately, and it has proven to be a successful model for newer traders to follow successful traders when building their own portfolio. Mizar takes this a step further by allowing the most powerful of tools, algorithmic trading strategies, to be developed, shared, and followed by users who are seeking an edge in the highly competitive crypto market.

By following a successful algorithm, users can scale their total assets allocated into higher and higher profits. Once a successful algorithmic strategy is identified and used by investors, just imagine the possibilities for scale. In certain situations, profits could be amplified by simply raising total allocations for a bot that works really well in the market. The implications for increasing gains on-demand are huge.

Mizar is a non-custodial platform, which means users’ assets will never leave their accounts. Investors are always 100% in control of their capital and can make the choices they need to make in order to succeed.

The Benefits of Holding MZR

Mizar’s utility token, MZR, will have distinct advantages for MZR holders and act as the heart of the Mizar ecosystem. For example, the more MZR a user holds, the lower the fee structure for taking part in Mizar’s innovative approach to building an algo-trading community. Also, leaderboard quants will be rewarded by the community in MZR for cracking the top of the competition.

Holding MZR also gives users access to more powerful tools for researching and designing successful algo-strategies. As users increase their holdings of MZR, they gain access to more types of data, all of which can be read about here.

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