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MOBIUS Launches Their First Metaverse Project – MetaToys

April 19th, 2022 at 12:59 pm UTC · 4 min read

MOBIUS Launches Their First Metaverse Project – MetaToys
Photo: Mobius

Mobius Game is located in Singapore,with experienced members who have been deeply involved in the traditional game industry for many years. After months of development and breakthrough, the team takes their first step to Metaverse and launches their first digital community-MetaToys with full preparations. What Mobius wants to bring to their users is a complete worldview with stable economic system.

About MetaToys

Based on NFT, MetaToys is a trendy Metaverse centered on Gamefi and Socialfi, where users can enjoy a long-term, stable social life experience as well as a rich and extremely playable game experience. Currently, MetaToys has 4 creative and enjoyable sub-worlds and is constantly expanding the game matrix. At the same time, developers will be allowed to join in and develop their own games and NFT images until a large and varied Socialfi+Gamefi Metaverse is formed. The team will build the MetaToys world with everyone.

About the Sale of MetaToys NFT

As the release time of NFT approaching, MetaToys team is continuously improving the various products to bring a better experience for all users.

The team hopes that the users who are interested in the MetaToys project will be able to fully understand the value and connotation of the NFTs they will hold in the future. The sale will be divided into three stages, the specific time and rules are as follows.

MOBIUS Launches Their First Metaverse Project - MetaToys

Meanwhile, the project team decided to add some speical benefits to the holders of Genesis NFT.

Benefit 1: 1 ETH for 12 Hero NFT holders

Our NFT will be released in the form of a blind box. There are 12 Hero NFTs in 10,000 Original NFTs, and the holders of 12 Hero NFT will be rewarded with 1 ETH after all Original NFTs are sold out.

Benefit 2: The corresponding avatar NFT airdrop

For better design and artistry, MetaToys uses 3D models to create NFT, which can bring better experience and visual enjoyment. At the same time, in order for you to display the NFT you hold on the social platform, we will issue the corresponding image of the avatar NFT as a rebate to all users who hold the Original NFT, so that holders can display it on social media.

Benefit 3: MTG Token airdrop

In order to thank for the continuous support, the holders of Original NFT can get MTG airdrop rewards.

MOBIUS Launches Their First Metaverse Project - MetaToys

Benefit 4: MTG token airdrop for every new game release

To thank users for their support for the first NFT project of MetaToys, all Original NFT holders will get token airdrop for each new game launched in the future.

Benefit 5: Access to games and revenue sharing

Our Original NFT will serve as a ticket to all subsequent games. Users who own Original NFT will get access to all games on the MetaToys platform and will have a 1-8% revenue bonus for each game at the initial launch,users can earn revenue through a variety of games.

Besides, the holders of Original NFT can get the following benefits:

  1. Special discount on the purchase of toys land.
  2. Get access to the exclusive Genesis Club.
  3. Get commercial authorization of MetaToys.

You must have learnt something about MetaToys and known the importance of MTG after reading the information above. MOBIUS team hopes that MetaToys will be a long-term and stable project, and also expects that more users can participate in. In order to protect the maximum rights of users and the stability of the game’s economic system,they will open the MTG liquidity plan to create initial liquidity for the subsequent development of the Metatoys community ecology.

  1. A fund pool with 10,000 USDT and 20,000 MTG will be opened and locked, which means that the liquidity is permanent and irrevocable.
  2. After the 1000th NFT is minted, 10,000 USDT and the equivalent MTG will be put into the liquidity pool and locked for every subsequent 1000 NFTs minted.
  3. The staking and liquidity mining mechanism will be activated at the appropriate time.

Since Metatoys adopts the decentralized CryptoWorld as the core basic principle, we expect more users to become members of our community around the world to understand and experience the advantages of digital asset ownership. So that more people can benefit from it and become loyal fans of CryptoWorld.

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