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Momentum Capital Celebrates $10 Million Investment from BM Fund, Showcasing Exceptional Market Insight and Profound Growth Potential

August 21st, 2023 at 12:43 pm UTC · 3 min read

Momentum Capital Celebrates $10 Million Investment from BM Fund, Showcasing Exceptional Market Insight and Profound Growth Potential
Photo: Momentum Capital

Momentum Capital, a pioneering crypto-native fund headquartered in the vibrant heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, proudly announces a significant and pivotal achievement: the successful acquisition of $10 million investment from Canada’s esteemed BM Fund. This remarkable infusion of capital, secured in July 2023, stands as a resounding testament to Momentum Capital’s exceptional capabilities in attracting substantial investments, even amidst the challenges of dynamic market conditions.

Carmen, the visionary Founder of BM Fund, lauds Momentum Capital’s impressive track record, asserting:

“Our decision to invest in Momentum Capital during bear markets underscores their unparalleled proficiency. Eason, the Managing Partner of MTCapital, has consistently delivered remarkable returns through his prior engagements, reaffirming our unwavering confidence in their expertise.”

Momentum Capital’s unwavering commitment during the most volatile market phases epitomizes their resolute dedication and formidable expertise. The firm’s adept navigation of challenging market conditions is palpable in its strategic partnership with the distinguished BM Fund, further validating the trust that investors place in Momentum Capital’s strategic acumen.

At the heart of Momentum Capital’s achievements lies a rich history of successful investments by its partners, featuring top-tier projects such as Polkadot, ZkSwap, Flow, and MakerDAO. This impressive array serves as a testament to the fund’s exceptional foresight and deep understanding of the ever-evolving needs of the market.

The recent securing of a $10 million investment from the BM Fund serves as a resounding echo of Momentum Capital’s remarkable achievements. The fund’s strategies consistently yield impressive returns, ranging from 10x to a staggering 200x, solidifying its eminent position as an industry leader and trailblazer.

Looking ahead to the countercyclical phase, Momentum Capital remains strategically poised to amplify its focus and capitalize on forthcoming opportunities. With an impeccable history of successful collaborations and an unblemished track record, the firm’s unwavering commitment to professionalism, a seasoned team, and a history of fruitful partnerships underscores its unparalleled mastery.

The newly procured capital will be strategically allocated to further amplify team expansion and catalyze early-stage Web3 projects, thereby reinforcing Momentum Capital’s formidable stance within the dynamic crypto investment landscape.

Since its inception, Momentum Capital has emerged as a dynamic powerhouse within the crypto realm, boasting a seasoned team of veterans and pioneers in the industry. This collective wealth of experience further solidifies the firm’s credibility and underscores its well-earned reputation.

Gary, the accomplished Managing Partner of Momentum Capital, lucidly outlines the fund’s strategic path, accentuating its enduring commitment. He said:

“Momentum Capital’s dedication remains steadfast across the ebbs and flows of market cycles, as we remain devoted to investing in and nurturing Web3 projects of intrinsic value. As we navigate the currents of the market in the next six to twelve months, our focus will extend to authentically nurturing global builders, with a keen emphasis on Web3 infrastructure, regional Web3 opportunities, and groundbreaking Web3 applications.”

For further information, kindly visit the official Momentum Capital website. Connect with us on: Telegram, Twitter.


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