MoMeta Will Be the First VR Metaverse to Change the NFT Markets

February 10th, 2022 at 7:51 am UTC · 4 min read

With the booming VR market entry, Oculus Quest 2 sales have soared and Facebook have changed its name to Meta. More and more people are starting to allocate time and energy to the Metaverse while capital is constantly pouring in. Mr. Neo Wen, Founder and CEO of MoMeta, believes that Metaverse art is breaking the traditional model in the art world.

MoMeta Will Be the First VR Metaverse to Change the NFT Markets

The Metaverse is redefining how art is experienced and distributed. – Neo Wen, Founder and CEO of MoMeta.

MoMeta Will Be the First VR Metaverse to Change the NFT Markets

“Firstly, Metaverse will be a mainstay in our lives in the future. As an interconnected virtual online space, the Metaverse is a new species. It will transform social networking and the web as we know. We’ve seen the Metaverse global market size soaring to USD 48 Billion in 2021 and still, it’s slated for more growth with a projected compound annual growth rate of 43% by 2028.

Whether it is crypto, social media, blockchain, AR/VR or Web 3.0, with Metaverse, we are observing the natural evolution of the digital web. The Internet was still a fairly finite space up till the early 2000s. However, by 2010, trends were pushing desktop users to mobile. Early adopters were nearly always hackers and hobbyists. We are observing the same with the Metaverse. While still in its infancy, technological developments will allow Metaverse to push traditions and boundaries and get everyone involved”, Mr.Neo Wen said.

“Specifically, the application on Metaverse starts with the art pieces. There are two main draw points of Metaverse art as a digital art form – there are no financial constraints and it is not subject to the laws of physics such as gravity. Such freedom gives room to experiment.

A case in point is a statue in our MoMeta’s gallery hall called Pure Land UFO Mirage. Having it cast in metal would have cost the artist roughly 200,000 US Dollars. And then, to have it float and shine would have been nearly impossible to construct without structural reinforcements. In contrast, through Metaverse art, artists can explore all facets of a 3D immersive experience in developing both figurative and interactive work: color, sound, lights, vibrations, touch, taste. Metaverse art is breathing new life into traditional art mediums.”

Besides that, Neo thinks Metaverse art is totally autonomous and transparent – operating like a DAO. It is community-led and smart contracts lay down the fundamentals.

MoMeta Will Be the First VR Metaverse to Change the NFT Markets

“We see past examples with web 2.0, where creators on Instagram/Youtube/Podcasts take back their power from traditional agencies. Creators/artists finally earn what is deserved. With such autonomy, creators can create/sell their art without the need for a governing body.

Prominent art pieces will no longer be tucked away in the homes of the wealthy for the enjoyment of a select few. Its digital nature grants accessibility to all and functions like an open museum. But of course, you can exclusively own a piece through a wallet via NFTs. The Metaverse is redefining how art is experienced and distributed. It’s an unlimited business model and a tremendous pillar of support to any artist that is looking to start out.”

“Here I want to talk to you about what is MoMeta. Its desire is to create multiple digital realities as an add-on to the real world.

MoMeta Will Be the First VR Metaverse to Change the NFT Markets

For artists, this is a novel way of distributing their art, especially when art shows and exhibitions have been canceled during the pandemic. With a full development team onboard, creators and artists shall expect good interpretations of their work on our digital network. Now that the market is largely unsaturated, artists who are looking to gain a foothold in this virtual world will have first mover’s advantage in launching MoMeta’s Metaverse immersive NFTs.

Such launch will be easily done with our comprehensive 3D creation function called MoMeta Crave. Even without any coding skills, one can build easily with MoMeta Crave. The interface comes complete with a menu for people to design their interactions.

We want to keep our growth intuitive, to be specific, we want MoMeta to be an open creative platform, and to have contributors create for our parallel Meteverses.”

All in all, according to what Neo said, the huge improvements in realism and capabilities of online experiences are making people stay past their initial curiosity borne of extended social distancing during the pandemic. These facts will only accelerate the Metaverse revolution!