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Moonbirds Holders Exploring Options for Chronocatz NFT Investments

October 24th, 2022 at 2:45 pm UTC · 3 min read

Moonbirds Holders Exploring Options for Chronocatz NFT Investments
Photo: Chronocatz

The crypto market has seen the entry of several NFT-based projects since 2021. However, two artwork-based NFT projects – Moonbirds and Chronocatz – are in the limelight, currently. Investors are evaluating both projects. However, market bulls favor Chronocatz due to its real-world utility and stable business roadmap. If you are new to NFT investment, Chronocatz could make you fortunes.

Moonbird Still in Demand but Not as Convincing as Earlier

Moonbirds are a collection of 10,000 artwork NFTs. Moonbirds NFTs were issued on the Ethereum network. It was created as a part of Proof Collective, which is a renowned private members-only collective of NFT collectors and artists.

Moonbirds are a simple collection of 10,000 pixel-art owls. Currently, the 10,000 NFTs have been held by 6,570 unique owners. The Moonbirds project has advanced rapidly due to its affiliation with Proof Collective’s success. Moonbirds are one of the leading NFT collections in the crypto world. Moonbirds reached its pinnacle in April 2022, fetching about $300 million in secondary sales within a few days. Notably, the cost of one Moonbird NFT jumped from 2.5 ETH to 30 ETH within a few weeks.

Since its launch in April 2022, Moonbirds has grown in popularity until recently, when it was caught up in an IP-related policy. Things have changed now. Several market hurdles, including the recently surfaced Intellectual Property Rights controversy, have made Moonbirds tumble. Besides, fierce competition from other similar projects like BoredApe, Doodles, and Azuki has made Moonbirds’ journey tougher.

Bulls Favor Chronocatz for Real-World Engagement

Making a grand entry into the crypto market, the Chronoly project has launched a new collection of NFTs called Chronocatz. The recently launched NFT collection, Chronocatz, is based on Chronoly’s decentralized luxury watch trading platform. Chronocatz is a unique collection of 7,777 picture-based NFTs, which are represented by cat characters. Each cat character has unique traits and features like different fur, clothes, and accessories.

The key trait of each Chronocat NFT is the luxury watch that the cat character is wearing. Each timepiece worn by the cats is a real-world watch from high-end multinational brands like Rolex and Patek Phillippe. The system of Chronocatz will consist of 6 tiers, and each tier will be determined by the rarity of the NFT. Only the holders of Chronocat NFTs will get access to a private member watch club, which will be called the “Chrono Wealth Club (CWC).”

Members of the CWC will be entitled to several perks, such as access to exclusive NFT drops, higher staking yields, private auctions, and live events. They will also get exclusive discounts and dedicated watch concierge services. Exclusive access to networking events, merch and parties in the digital and real world. Chronocatz NFT avatars can be used to unlock special rooms and features in the Chronoly ecosystem.

What makes Chronocatz NFTs stand out among other NFT projects is that it provides utility in the real world. Phase 1 (private mint) of Chronocatz was sold out, and over 1300 NFTs were sold during phase 2 (whitelist). The public minting of Chronocatz is now live.

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