MotoGP™ Ignition Announces Launch of Its First NFT Card Pack Sale

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MotoGP™ Ignition Announces Launch of Its First NFT Card Pack Sale
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The sale will begin as noted on March 26th at 9 am (UTC) and will run through April 2, 2021.

MotoGP™ Ignition, a management and collectibles game title will commence the sales of its first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) card pack sales on 26 March 2021. As detailed in the latest announcement about the sales, there will be three different types of card pack up for purchase, with a fair system designed to ensure equitable access to the rare items on offer.

MotoGP™ Ignition is an officially licensed competitive game built on the Flow Blockchain and is one of the titles in the REVV Motorsport ecosystem. Per this first card sales edition, MotoGP™ Ignition will offer two uniquely branded experiences bordering around its NFTs, and this includes “Collection” and “Racing Management.”

eSports is growing at a tremendous rate and the integration of blockchain technology as well as the rarity of NFTs is all the more catching the attention of crypto enthusiasts and gamers around the world. The proposed MotoGP™ Ignition card pack sales will afford each player the opportunity to collect different MotoGP™ collectibles, including riders, bikes, coaches, gear, and bike parts. These items and more are creatively rare, and the NFTs purchased during this sale will enhance the operational flow of the Racing Manager game, and also find uses in collection events.

Details About the MotoGP™ Ignition Card Pack Sales

The sale will begin as noted on March 26th at 9 am (UTC) and run through April 2, 2021. This first sale round offers three types of card packs with all containing 3 cards for the 2020 MotoGP™ Championship Season.

These card packs include; the 2020 Season Rider Pack featuring a rider and 3 cards each; the 2020 Season Bike Pack featuring three cards and a standalone bike; and the 2020 Season Team Pack featuring 3 cards, a Rider and his Bike. Both the pack, the card, and the riders are NFTs that can be bought and sold accordingly.

Amongst the riders and bikes offered in this round of sales include Andrea Dovizioso, Ducati Desmosedici GP20 of the Ducati Team, Franco Morbidelli, Yamaha YZR-M1 (Petronas Yamaha SRT), and Miguel Oliveira, KTM RC16 of the Red Bull KTM Tech3.

Per pricing and supply, the 2020 Season Rider Pack will sell for $9 and there is a maximum of 2,000 packs available, the 2020 Season Bike Pack will cost $9 with a total of 3,750 available for sale, and the 2020 Season Team Pack has the same number as the Bike Pack but will cost $14 each.

The packs can be purchased with credit cards only, but MotoGP™ Ignition noted it will be adding other payment options in the subsequent editions. While the second sale is planned for 9 April 2021, the purchased packs in this round can only be opened from the 21st of April.

Other Basic Features

The cards have a varying level of rarity, with each exhibiting a unique set of attributes bearing its own name, description, editions, theme, and class amongst others. The use of the cards in the MotoGP™ Ignition game title will offer a lot of thrilling gaming experiences and also afford holders the opportunity to win rewards including REVV Tokens.

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