$MPE Cyberpunk GameFi, Swedish Team Strives to Build!

Place/Date: - December 12th, 2021 at 11:58 am UTC · 3 min read
Source: Mechanical Public Enemy

$MPE Cyberpunk GameFi, Swedish Team Strives to Build!
Photo: Mechanical Public Enemy

Metaverse is not a special application or product, but a concept that is a parallel universe carried by digitized. This means that we can have second-life, third-life, and Nth-life through Metaverse. We can have a variety of new identity, assets, social relationships inside. We can carry out complete life and social activities in Metaverse, which is equivalent to expanding our life.

Metaverse is a new world brought by technical bombings. In the next decade, with the digital process of the real world will greatly accelerate, the speed of migration to Metaverse will also increase. The block chain technology opened the bridge of the virtual world and the real world, which let “Metaverse” becomes a real “parallel universe” from the virtual world. In Metaverse, NFT and game combination becomes the best point in business model. Since NFT is issued on the block chain, it is realized that the number of rights is clear, the number is transparent, the transfer mark, which can make the digital content “asset” and become the “value machine” of all things, connecting the bridge between  real world assets and digital world assets. Thus, NFT becomes the value vector of digital new world.

In this context, our project team created the “Mechanical Public Enemy” project (hereinafter referred to as $MPE). $MPE pays tribute to Cyberpunk culture and movie: The Terminator. This is a topic of the solution to the centering and spreading CyberPunk culture. It is critical with the centrifugal CyberPunk game, combine the benefits and NFT to  create an ecosystem that is playing while playing. $MPE aims to achieve NFT operations crossing the play and platforms. The $MPE project includes going to center game, NFT and finance. $MPE has high security, asset preservation, public transparency, permanent preservation, and a low three-character threshold, so that users can enjoy Metaverse’s wonderful place.

In the future, $MPE will establish a developer community in the open principle. $MPE hopes more users and companies are involved in the $ MPE ecological construction, providing a global user with a safe, convenient and interesting Metaverse.

Innovative features:

  1. The unique mechanism makes the original NFT market a completely separate economic system from the game. The price of NFT is completely determined by players, accompanying built-in K map, each NFT market history price can be achieved in a panoramic view.
  2. The in-game dual economy model, NFT is divided into three categories: pets, guns and mechanical maids. Different categories can influence each other to improve profitability and are not subject to the rigid quality requirements.
  3. Alchemy mode: If you are not satisfied with the drawn NFT appearance, you can use five different types of NFT of the same quality to create a premium, players can create their own alchemy recipe to sell in the forum.

The above content is from the White Paper, which has been verified by the project. There will be White Paper 2.0, game CG, and NFT Market and Forum in December and early January. The project has fast pace, whether you are a long value holder or a short value holder, you will not be disappointed with $MPE!

NFT story and game background are also available on the official website to make players feel more involved.