The Mutant Parrot Society Announces a Unique Collection of 10,000 NFTs

Place/Date: London, UK - April 11th, 2022 at 7:44 am UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Mutant Parrot, Source: Mutant Parrot

The Mutant Parrot Society Announces a Unique Collection of 10,000 NFTs

The Mutant Parrot Society has announced a unique collection of Mutant Parrots, an NFT collection of 10,000 unique characters. These Mutant Parrots will be available for adoption on the Ethereum network.

With this announcement, the Mutant Parrot Society said their vision is to bring their characters to life with these 10,000 NFTs, each with individual and unique properties. These NFTs will feature over 350 unique traits categorised into ten attributes.

Essa Coles, the Co-Founder of MPS, said:

“We seek to inspire people to embrace all differences and work together to make our planet an inclusive home for us all. Everyone is unique, and we wish to embrace this.”

The MPS team consists of millennials and GenZ with the goal of playing an essential part in the crypto evolution.

Troy Quraishi, Founder of MPS, about the decision to choose Eth, said:

“I can understand that may feel odd to some people as greener options are available. Being relatively early investors of ETH, we believe in the project and the Proof of Sake transition; we also see the Crypto industry as an excellent opportunity to kickstart the green energy demand by the entire planet”.

The Mutant Parrot Society has also announced that they plan to plant 10,000 trees and buy carbon credits to offset their carbon output.

For those excited to play a part in the crypto evolution and make a meaningful impact on diversity, equality, and inclusion, the platform empowers the MPS community by donating 3% of the total 5% royalty fees to charities whose values align with the MPS’ vision. Charities that support causes such as land preservation, wildlife rehabilitation, animal activism, humanitarian aid, and preservation of endangered species.

By being a part of the MPS community, the company will give back the remaining 2% royalty to the community. Its holders will gain access to their upcoming metaverse jungle & P2E game.

They plan to launch at the end of May and want people to discover their unique Mutant Parrots. Troy Quraishi, Founder of MPS, said:

“We hope that MPS NFTs can open a discussion and inspire people to realise how beautiful, weird and wonderful our world truly is, and that it’s a gift that should be cherished.”

About MPS

London-based MPS is an NFT platform founded by Troy Quraishi and Sully Waheed while Co-founded by Essa Cole and Serife Eskisan. The founding members have brought to life the inspirational Mutant Parrot Society with the mission to combat corporate corruption of the global money supply that has dominated people’s lives.

Media Contact: Discord.

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