My Neighbor Alice Announces First Virtual Land Sale

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My Neighbor Alice Announces First Virtual Land Sale
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My Neighbor Alice indicated only 50% of the available land will be for sale, whilst the rest will be up for rental purposes.

My Neighbor Alice, a multiplayer blockchain builder game where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items and meet new friends, has announced its first virtual land sale. According to a Medium blog post, the Company has set April 27 as the date to auction two of its virtual islands.

“The first plots to go on sale will be on the lush and beautiful island of Nature’s Rest. Please mark the date April 27th and be ready to stake your ALICE tokens to be one of the lucky few to be the first landowners on Nature’s Rest,” the company noted through the blog post.

Notably, My Neighbor Alice indicated only 50% of the available land will be for sale, whilst the rest will be up for rental purposes. Due to the scarcity of land, only a selected few gamers will make it to the final draw to participate in the auction process.

My Neighbor Alice and Its Tokens

The native token for My Neighbor Alice protocol, ALICE, will be used for in-purchases besides the governance aspect. During the land sale process on April 27, 927 plots on nature’s Rest, approximately 5% will be auctioned. The original cost per plot on the Rest island is 50 ALICE. However, the company has offered a discount of 60%, which will reciprocate to a price of 20 ALICE.

The price of ALICE tokens at the time of writing was around $12.07 according to CoinGecko. There are 17.4 million ALICE tokens in circulating supply out of the total 100 million.

The asset is ranked position 196 by market capitalization as it has a market cap of $211,407,910 with its past 24-hour trading volume at $62,667,092.

The project went live through the Binance crypto exchange earlier this month after an initial private token sale that saw the asset jump over 220% on the first day of trading.

For one to qualify for the land auction, there are certain conditions that the gamer needs to meet. Interested users need to stake 50 ALICE tokens or 1000 CHR tokens for at least a consecutive of 14 days before the actual sales, to receive 1 lottery ticket. Moreover, interested users need to transfer 20 ALICE to a designated contract first. Notably, the tokens will be refunded to the user if the purchase is unsuccessful.

In a bid to foster competitiveness during the auction process, the company indicated that the more tokens you stake, the more tickets you can receive, and the more tickets the higher the chance of winning the final draw.

Other land sales are expected to be scheduled in the future as the developers work on more game features to keep the project more interactive.

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