MyFunding.Network: Next Big Thing in DeFi?

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MyFunding.Network: Next Big Thing in DeFi?
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Apart from the uniqueness of its algorithm, MyFunding.Network provides users with a handful of interesting features.

Over the years there have been numerous exciting projects to arise in the world of blockchain development and stake a claim to being the next big thing. Some live up to the expectation, while some fizzle out eventually.

Either way, it is a great thing that the blockchain community is vibrant enough to make it possible for so many truly fascinating projects to have a space to shine.

Recently, most of the highly promising projects have been into DeFi, and there is one that at the moment is showing more promise than we’ve come across in a while.

Believing that this could very well be the authentic next big time, we delve deep into the heart of this project, examining among other things, its backbone algorithm, development team, features, functionalities, and exciting future.

We’re talking about MyFunding.Network. A dApp that offers 1.5% of daily ROI and an APY of 547% on your investments.

A network committed to providing the users with a splendid opportunity to earn a consistent passive income of their investments. The rate of return on the investments you make with the bot in terms of BNB on a daily basis is 1.5% which is equivalent to $15 if you invested $1,000.

The dApp is free from any hidden charges and the only fees they charge is the 3% developer fees for fulfilling the purposes of app maintenance. However, the standard gas fee for the BNB is also charged which too is cheap.

What Is MyFunding.Network?

Simply put, MyFunding.Network is a decentralized application built for highly reliable automated crypto trading. Through this dApp, users who are interested in achieving financial success through crypto trading can do so conveniently without necessarily having the technical knowledge.

Thanks to a state-of-the-art algorithm, MyFunding.Network’s advanced AI takes care of all the important technical analysis and makes the right calls on behalf of each user.

The question, though, is why automated crypto trading? Is it that much better than personal trading? And if so, why MyFunding.Network?

Well, the answer is a lot simpler and more straightforward than we thought.

Technical Analysis in Successful Trading

You see, every seasoned trader knows that the key to successful trading is a solid technical analysis. Otherwise, the whole thing is just a glorified gambling process. And while there are experienced traders out there who are quite adept at carrying out this activity to near perfection, it is safe to say that there is a limit to how far the human brain can be pushed.

In fact, if there is a thing better than a seasoned trader carrying out a thorough technical analysis, it is a lot of seasoned traders carrying out the same thorough technical analysis at the same time.

This ladies and gentlemen is the backbone upon which MyFunding.Network was built. Numerous cryptocurrency trading experts and seasoned blockchain developers came together with one goal – to revolutionize the world of AI crypto trading by building a system so solid and so flexible that it will be almost impossible to say no to.

Thanks to the early success MyFunding.Network continues to enjoy, it is safe to say that this goal is starting to look more and more like an absolute success.

The dApp has managed to surpass the 470 BNB mark, which is equivalent to over 114,000 USD, and counting.

Features & Functionalities

Apart from the uniqueness of its algorithm, MyFunding.Network provides users with a handful of interesting features that are hard to ignore. Chief among these is its straightforward withdrawal and deposit processes.

A big problem for blockchain projects for a long time was the fact that every single process seemed to require an extra bit of step that most people outside of the crypto world were familiar with.

Thankfully, the team behind MyFunding.Network was able to alleviate this problem by integrating their dApp on the Binance Smart Chain thereby making deposits on the platform nothing more than a simple three-step process.

Another feature that you should be laying an emphasis on is the fact that the dApp does not require any minimum deposit. You can start earning profits with the least amount you invest. Could anything be better?

With a promise of high profits, MyFunding.Network has managed to experience notable growth since its beginning. The network is on a mission to enroll itself as a firm that offers the most profitable automated trading bot pools on the Binance Smart Chain.

As soon as the deposit period of 30 days completes, users can expect an impressive return of the 547% APY in the form of passive income.

With a simple Metamask or Trust Wallet, users can easily buy any amount of BNB they desire and load this onto the dApp with a quick linking process.

From then on, automated trading begins and traders are free to relax while the algorithm handles the bulk of the work.

Referral Program

MyFunding.Network also offers a referral program that will certainly grab your attention. When users make an investment in a smart contract, they are provided with a referral link, which they can share with their friends to receive additional rewards

With each deposit made by your referrals, you will earn a hefty 11.5% commission. This boasts the app as a trusted one with immense potential and great benefits for the users.

Interested in learning more about this project? Join the telegram channel here to get connected.

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