MYTC Renders an Effective Ecosystem for Barter Trading

August 13th, 2018 at 1:03 pm UTC · 3 min read

While this system was obsolete for many years, it has clearly made a strong recurrence in recent times creating much buzz about the growth of cash-free revolution. MYTC is one such extensive platform that has leveraged blockchain technology to offer a decentralized bartering ecosystem for users across the globe.

How Does it Work?

MYTC is dedicated to unifying small and medium corporations worldwide and providing them with a platform where they can seamlessly trade with one another. Once businesses become a member of this ecosystem, they are designated as MYTC merchants and can offer their goods and services to other merchants on the platform.

Interested buyers can purchase these goods and services in exchange of MYTC tokens. These tokens can be spent anywhere within the MYTC ecosystem. This innovation technology renders transparent trading of goods and services, therefore, minimizing the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Features that Sets MYTC Apart

MYTC is a ground-breaking digital ecosystem based on the blockchain technology that takes a huge leap towards cash-free business domain. It offers streamlined features to its merchants that helps them flourish in the global market.

  • Decentralized Application

MYTC is a platform that allows companies to trade worldwide with each other in a cashless ecosystem. Additionally, each trade is secure and transparent and performed through immutable smart contracts, minus the middleman.

  • Trading without Constraints

There are billions of small companies all around the world that do business in a barter system, however, fail to expand their horizons due to budget and technology restraints. MYTC offers an effective solution to these challenges by providing a cost-effective ecosystem where merchants can trade with each other from any part of the world. With no centralized regulations or middleman cutting in between the profit, this ecosystem allows direct and transparent transactions.

  • Opportunity to Gain New Customers

Due to lack of effective resources and opportunities, small and medium level enterprises often fail to gain new customers. However, MYTC has opened a broad global market for these companies to reach out to a better clientele. This brings better prospects to the organizations, and thereby, gives them a chance to cash in on the additional business.

  • Low Exchange Rates

Presently, the global exchange rates range from 5%-6% per transaction, which is certainly a huge fraction to pay, especially for businesses with a limited budget. My Token Trade Community, on the other hand, allows their participants to perform global transactions with charges of only 0.5%-1% per transaction.

  • Optimizes the Cash Flow

MYTC token has expanded the cash flow dimension of the business by allowing them to accept barter. This attracts many new customers, thus driving in more sales. Additionally, it also offers more capital to operate, expand and invest back into the business.

  • Transfer Excess Stock

MYTC token offers the easiest approach to sell the slow-moving stock or excess stock without worrying about heavy discounting. Furthermore, for businesses experiencing seasonal markets, this ecosystem offers a pro table way that allows the merchants to use inventory on a regular basis.

With such notable features, MYTC has certainly addressed many fundamental challenges holding the growth of small and medium enterprises. With the adoption of this technology, businesses can effectively overcome the hurdles and make a strong global footprint.