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NBCUniversal Set to Debut its Own Streaming Service ‘Peacock’

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by Christopher Hamman · 3 min read
NBCUniversal Set to Debut its Own Streaming Service ‘Peacock’
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NBCUniversal is also entering the streaming space with its service ‘Peacock’. This shift indicates that the streaming space is the next big thing. Will older companies such as NBCUniversal be able to beat upstarts like Netflix at their own game?

NBCUniversal which is a United States media giant and Subsidiary of media conglomerate Comcast (CMCSA) is set to launch its streaming service named Peacock which of course is in tandem with its logo. Following NBC’s traditional content which comprises of NBC’s legacy content which has spanned the greater part of three-plus decades with sitcoms, original shows feature films and even fresh content and the unscripted ones will be made available for the new streaming service.

The Media giant announced on Tuesday that the service will launch on April 2020 and will offer both ad-supported and subscription-based services which will run concurrently although pricing is yet-to-be-determined. This comes in a season when everyone is entering the streaming industry following Netflix’s (NLFX) original success and profitable business model.

The content, however, won’t include the popular classic sitcom Seinfeld due to the streaming rights to the sitcom were acquired by Netflix for a reported $500 million. This doesn’t mean however that NBC doesn’t have a whole lot to offer which most streaming services don’t. The NBC Universal library is extremely rich and well-fortified when it comes to great content.

A World of Content New and Old

There’ll be reboots of classics such as “Battlestar Galactica”, “Dr. Death” Starring Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater, Huxley’s “A Brave New World” Starring Demi Moore, classics “Saved by the Bell” and “Punky Brewster” and even a Telemundo Show “Armas de Mujer” and “100 Dias Para Volver”, “Betty in NY,” “El Barón” and “Preso No. 1” and much more. Apart from these the sitcoms and classics from the eighties and nineties will also be streamed.

The Universal arm will feature classic content from its Library. Movies such as the “Fast and the Furious” franchise, “American Pie”, Russel Crowe’s Classic” A Beautiful Mind” and other rich library content will also be brought to bear. Furthermore, libraries of Focus pictures, Dreamworks Animation feature content in addition to others.

Furthermore, come January 2020 “The Office”, “Friends”, and “Parks and Recreation” will no longer be streamed on Netflix (NLFX) ensuring that the giant finds a way around the loss of streaming rights.

For the Unscripted content, a new docuseries in the format and spirit of Saturday Night Live will also be streamed “who wrote that” from Lorne Michaels plus additional content from Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Lorne Michaels, Mike Schur, Ed Helms, Jada Pinkett Smith, Rashida Jones, and Tracey Wigfield.

Is Streaming the Next Big Market for Film and Television?

Because everyone is entering the streaming space, it is quite obvious that though the cable space isn’t dying yet, streaming is indeed becoming a formidable competitor. With fewer restrictions for entry into the marketplace and emphasis on the exclusivity of content in many ways following Netflix’s business model, it has become an undeniable fact that the content aggregation concept once espoused a decade ago is now today’s television and entertainment.

Following an exponential increase in internet speeds and the rise of mobile technologies such as 5G and faster fiber-optic speeds, it is becoming increasingly obvious that streaming might just be the next Hollywood in this generation.

This follows indications that Apple‘s streaming service (AppleTVPlus) and Disney’s referred to as Disney plus are all taking off in November. 

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