NCrypto Networks OU Announces the Launch of NCrypto Platform Services

November 7th, 2018 at 11:12 am UTC · 3 min read

NCrypto’s management expects that this platform will attract new backers as well as it will distill the confidence among all the stakeholders and widen the customer base. In addition to common trade, NCrypto’s officials believe that the new service will overcome the complexity of the existing platforms, tokenization, and exchange services. The new platform will grant its customers the transparency in carrying out crowd sales and token releases.

About NCrypto‘s mission is to make the blockchain technology affordable and user-friendly to mass-market customers. The intuitive interface, PSPs (payment system providers) localization, integrated marketplace, and the exchange are designed to facilitate and simplify interactions between private users and businesses in a unified holistic environment. Now anyone can easily generate tokens and later deposit and further exchange the assets.

A special feature of the platform is the availability of a separate module to initially offer tokens on the integrated marketplace for simpler and a more visual crowdsale. The interaction with a crowd contributor is made through a token prospectus – a detailed description of crowdsale logic and instrument of the contribution being available through automatically generated web pages or QR codes.

NCrypto Networks OU has received operating licenses for:

  • “Providing financial services, Delivering services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency (# FVR000278, start of validity 17.07.2018)”;
  • “Providing financial services, Supplying customers with a virtual currency wallet service number (# FRK000236, start of validity 17.07.2018)”.

NCrypto Platform

The token prospectus makes it easy to integrate the created tokens, defines the rules of carrying out a crowdsale via the project’s landing page, and serves as a gateway for contributors in order to carry out payments using both crypto and fiat currencies.

The project’s management members stress that NCrypto is a commercially available product in beta release and is available directly for transactions. NCrypto is sure that the project enables not only the operations, but they are also confident in the vision. By offering an affordable service, NCrypto will create new opportunities for many users and will uphold the company’s promise to stimulate the blockchain economy which, according to McKenzie and PwC, will reach $3 trillion by 2030.

NCrypto Token Sale

NCrypto Token is a utility token created to be used in the system. NCrypto tokens are a built-in network resource and work similarly to Bitcoin. It is a fully-fledged cryptocurrency, which allows the user to operate digital assets without restrictions. The sale of NCrypto tokens is conducted to finance the pre-final part of the NCrypto project development. The token sale will begin on the 11th of November and concludes on the 31st of December 2018. The price per token is $0.50. A total supply of 1 million tokens will be available. There is also a temporary bonus of up to 44% in week 1 for early contributors.


Elizabet Khylchuk

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