NEVERDIE Creates Interoperable Teleport Token to Use Across VR Worlds and Create Gamified Virtual Reality Jobs

July 31st, 2017 at 2:54 pm UTC · 4 min read

NEVERDIE , the most established name in real currency MMORPG’s and Virtual Worlds, today announced after the successful completion of the NEVERDIE ICO details for its Teleport Token, a universal cryptocurrency designed to be used across virtual reality worlds, games and events. NEVERDIE will allow users to earn, win or mine Teleport Tokens or purchase them from other players and use the coins to pay for content or travel throughout multiple worlds. The coins are currently available through the Teleport crowdsale running now through August 31st.

The Teleport Token is poised to revolutionize the gaming world as one of the only interoperable coins that is manufactured within games and able to be used and transported across worlds, seamlessly from one game to another. This function is pivotal for the virtual reality industry, which has struggled to find viable monetization solutions. The Teleport Token will ultimately be used to create a monetized infrastructure that will drive the growth of the virtual goods economy, thus supporting gamified jobs as a way to offset traditional jobs lost to AI and VR advancements.

“With Teleport Token, we’ve created a way for players to earn dividends for discovering, building and contributing to virtual worlds,” said Astronaut and Gaming Icon  Richard Garriott, also known as “Lord British,” who is an advisor to NEVERDIE. “NEVERDIE pays a minimum wage of $0.25 an hour, which is higher than minimum wage in many countries around the world.”

NEVERDIE minimum wages amount to $15 a month and the team has introduced a creative and exciting incentive for gamers by offering $10 million (collectively) in gamified wages to players across multiple worlds who help build “The Ethereum Teleporter” VR equivalent of the Egyptian Pyramids–– the VR world’s first world wonder. Teleport Token is currently being integrated in popular games such as Shroud of the Avatar with plans to integrate into many of VR’s most popular games going forward. Teleport Tokens will be consumed each time they are used within a game, and divided through smart contract design and API into fragments to be re-looted, mined, or collected and re-crafted with player skill so that they can be traded between players and used again.

Players can trade in-game currency for Teleport Tokens through an agent and receive the Teleport Tokens in their wallet or transfer Tokens between games with no added fee. As each token is consumed through utility, a fragment of the token will also be assigned to the game developer as operating income. A percentage of each token consumed will also be burned, which will incrementally increase the intrinsic value of the tokens as the number in circulation decreases.

“The Teleport Token is trailblazing a new path for VR monetization– one that will nurture a virtual goods economy by using interoperable tokens that can be traded peer-to-peer on the blockchain and used as a payment system for building and discovery in VR,” said Jon Jacobs, CEO of NEVERDIE. “As the President of VR, it is only fitting that I take an active role in spearheading the development of an infrastructure that can be applied to the widest array of Virtual or Augmented Reality applications or existing gaming systems as a tool for monetization.”

More detailed information on NEVERDIE Coin and Teleport Token can be found in the company’s whitepaper.


England-born actor, musician, and filmmaker, Jon Jacobs, founded iconic avatar NEVERDIE in 2002 in Entropia Universe and became the first gamer to earn a million dollars within a virtual world. His virtual mining asteroid, Club NEVERDIE entered the 2008 Guinness Book of Records as the most valuable virtual item in the world. Jon then founded NEVERDIE Studios and worked on Virtual Destinations for Pop culture Icons; including Michael Jackson, Lemmy and Universal Studios’ KING KONG. NEVERDIE Studios developed and currently operates ROCKtropia Virtual World, the first and only MMORPG that completely disrupts all existing game business models, by paying any player $10 -$15 per month to engage in gamified jobs. In 2016 Jon won the first democratic elections to become the first President of Virtual Reality. His mission as President is to create one billion gamified jobs. In 2017 Jon launched the NEVERDIE Coin and the Teleport token on the Ethereum Blockchain to facilitate virtual democracy and finance the development of a multiplatform virtual goods economy.


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