New Bitcoin News Platform Already Boasts 1,000,000 Page Views Monthly

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by Maria Konash · 3 min read
New Bitcoin News Platform Already Boasts 1,000,000 Page Views Monthly
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Meet the newly-launched independent news platform, which aims to become a premier news outlet in the crypto field, placing strong focus on independence, transparency, and reliable information.

With the increasing spread of blockchain technology and the mushrooming number of blockchain and cryptocurrency-related news sites, it’s not easy to stand out from the crowd. New independent news outlet, aims to do just that by providing a source of reliable and unbiased information on the latest industry developments. Its launch was announced late last month in Belize.

What Exactly is Bitcoin News?

Now officially live, Bitcoin News describes itself as ‘the new worldwide 24/7 Bitcoin and Blockchain news source’. Bitcoin News hopes to become the premier global blockchain news source, offering a mix of information and opinion pieces covering such areas as media reports, policy changes, events and technological breakthroughs in the growing industry. According to its creators, its main aim is to provide the general public with ‘fair, unbiased, transparent, accurate and sensible media reports regardless of how the news is originally obtained’.

With the cryptocurrency world gaining ever-greater acceptance and the proliferation of new and expanding cryptocurrency communities showing no signs of slowing down, it stands to reason that there is an increasing appetite for up-to-date and objective news information and comments.

Bitcoin News, with a strong focus on clarity and neutrality, aims to meet this demand and report on issues, which a fast-moving, increasingly complex and diverse global industry faces. In addition, according to promotional material, Bitcoin News aims to be a social hub for the crypto community to come together and discuss important issues.

Objective, Trustworthy Reporting

The blockchain world is no stranger to misinformation, not to mention outlandish claims which are difficult to verify. Bitcoin News has stated that it does its very best to review its news sources and provide accurate, fair, transparent and neutral news reports. Initially, the focus will be on major news items and events, with the intention of creating investigative reports to encourage community dialogue.

Independence as Standard

According to its creators, Bitcoin News is backed by independent media and cryptocurrency veterans who are free from blockchain sponsorship and influence. The site’s editorial policy states:

“Full-time and freelance writers and editorial staff are obliged to reveal any personal investments and assets that may impact their ability to follow the ethical journalistic protocol under which Bitcoin News operates.”

Market Capitalization Data on Hand

An additional feature of Bitcoin News is a cryptocurrency market cap page. This enables traders to track the performance of over 1,400 cryptocurrencies, from major players such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, to newer contenders like UTRUST and many others.

The Road Ahead

With interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency developments of all kinds seemingly insatiable, Bitcoin News may well have picked a good time to become involved. With its strong focus on independence, transparency, neutrality and reliable information, combined with a desire not only to bridge the gap between the mainstream and the crypto industry, but to provide a high-quality public service, Bitcoin News could be well-placed to become a premier news outlet in this most modern of fields.

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