Meet New Generation of Mining – Alya Token

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Meet New Generation of Mining – Alya Token
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The ALYA mining doesn’t require powerful machines, energy and equipment to perform extra-high calculations.

#ALYA is the first BEP20 Token with a deflationary ecosystem with Proof of Stake Mining. Unlike other deflationary tokens, ALYA has a very low total supply (205M) and 67% of the total supply will be released through PoS & PoA Mining.

Even fluctuating market conditions while listing on 5th January 2022, the price of ALYA is around 0,33$ at the of writing this article and shows a good resistance and stability.

#ALYA Token has been listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko in a very short time after the listing. At the same time as we can see, some price monitoring portals like Binance, and Coinbase added all information and price tracking to their platforms.

ALYA Mining Is a Pioneering Mining Consensus Which Is 100% Green and Environment Friendly

The ALYA mining doesn’t require powerful machines, energy and equipment to perform extra-high calculations as it integrates itself to the POS and POA algorithms. Therefore, you can start ALYA Mining with a regular computer you use at home without additional energy consumption. By using POS consensus, ALYA Token also supports mining in this area and contributes to the speed of adoption of cryptocurrencies in the real world. Because with PoS algorithm, there are no additional environmental costs and damages due to mining procedures even the profits or mining rewards are too high.

Meet New Generation of Mining – Alya Token

How Does ALYA Mining Algorithm Work?

On the Binance Smart Chain network, blocks are created for an average of 3-5 seconds, and these blocks have their own unique HASH codes. ALYA smart contract constantly monitors these hash codes and converts these codes into numerical values. It divides these numerical values by the specified mode (29743) and if the remainder is 1, it counts the lucky block as found and sends a signal to ALYA miners. These miners prove their activity in an average of 10-15 minutes and automatically share the amount of ALYA specified in the Reward Plan in proportion to the total stakes. The share that each miner will earn varies according to the amount they stake beforehand.

Because no one can foresee the Block Numbers, Hash Codes, Convertion of Hash Codes to DEX Value and the Result of mathematical Mode Operation, and Rewards depends on above mentioned circumstances and mathematical operations, we can call ALYA Mining is 100% decentralized.

How do I Mine Alya?

First, you need to decide your mining budget and stake amount. Then, as ALYA mining can be done in 2 different ways, such as individual and pool mining, you need to decide the mining process you choose.

Let’s talk about Individual mining first.

You can start your mining by downloading the ALYA Mining Software on an average computer you use in daily life, connecting your decentralized wallet (TrustWallet & Metamask) to the mining program and staking the ALYAs (minimum 500 ALYA) you have in your wallet to the Smart Contract. Proof of Activity must be required to receive mining rewards and you need to pay the required network fees (BNB) from your own wallet. The computer on which the mining program is installed must be connected to the internet and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Otherwise, Proof of Activity cannot be presented to the block rewards and mining rewards will not be received.

How does Pool Mining Works?

It is a type of mining created and managed by companies that provide pool mining services, preferred by people who do not have a computer, do not want to rent a server and do not want to follow the mining program all the time. This type of mining is controlled by a centralized system and its conditions are determined by the companies providing this service. You can start pool mining with as low as 100 ALYA with registering on the first official Pool Mining Service Provider.

This type of mining is actually a similar type of cloud mining.

Meet New Generation of Mining – Alya Token


Alya Token is built on 6 platforms focused on finance, gaming, entertainment and social aid. Hence, it is obvious that the Project provides too much to its holders and will be profitable. Although the profit margin when trading is satisfactory, our preference has been focused on mining earnings. Because it is more profitable than many other cryptocurrencies in the market.

Depending on the number of blocks found, you can have an average monthly reward of 20-25%. If you are interested in mining, you may not have seen another coin in the market that approaches and can reach these APYs.

It would not be wrong to say that people who mine Alya Token are more fortunate than other miners due to its general structure, terms of mining conditions and ease. It seems inevitable that this situation will change in the future.

Alya provides both a more accessible coin and easy mining. 

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