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NextPakk: Blockchain Data Privacy in Scheduled Package Delivery

May 10th, 2018 at 10:37 pm UTC · 3 min read

While blockchain technology is being used for everything from personalized shopping to voting, and altcoins are pouring in across all industries, NextPakk’s blockchain is working overtime. It was designed to be a solution, and its specs continue to increase.

Worldwide e-commerce sales rose to $2.3 trillion USD last year, with online retail projected to reach $4.88 trillion by 2021. As a result, we saw drones implemented while package delivery lockers rose in popularity; both in-car and in-home delivery solutions were offered.

These responses addressed last mile problems, though some were deemed “invasive” rather than “convenient.” Others weren’t an option for all areas and/or apartments.

In November 2017, USA Today referenced an Xfinity Home survey, in which 30% of Americans reported experiencing package theft from their homes.

According to an Insurance Quotes survey published the same month, the number of Americans who’ve had holiday packages stolen from their homes added up to 25.9 million.

As online sales rise, retailers and major carriers struggle to keep up with demand. More packages are left on front steps or porches, awaiting their owners, and increasingly catching the eyes of porch pirates.

The inconvenience of those thefts is real, as is the financial burden to retailers as well as consumers.

What About Data Privacy?

The reality is, when someone steals a package, they not only get the contents, but also gain:

  • Name
  • Personal address
  • Invoice
  • Phone number
  • Credit card information

That’s what porch pirates run away with – any (or all!) of it. Until now.

NextPakk’s scheduled package delivery service makes the last-mile problems of missed deliveries and stolen packages obsolete. It also significantly increases data privacy through the blockchain on which the delivery system is built.

How it works

When a consumer registers for a NextPakk account, a unique ID is assigned to them, along with the shipping address they should use, as determined by their home address.

The NextPakk customer ID acts as the name on the package, and a local Package Delivery Point is where the purchase gets delivered.

Since NextPakk embraces a sharing ecosystem, packages are delivered to specific local businesses in the areas served. As a result:

  • Local businesses earn additional income for utilizing extra space
  • Warehouses aren’t depleting resources
  • Delivery dependability is increased, as major carriers deliver to businesses earlier in the day
  • Costs are minimized for retailers, major carriers, and consumers

So, while the familiar inconveniences of missed deliveries and stolen packages are solved, data privacy is protected.

Regardless of who handles a package along its journey, consumer names and personal addresses are known only to the final delivery driver, made available after the consumer schedules delivery.

A “not-for-profit trade organization,” the Security Industry Association recognizes blockchain technology is being implemented for people to manage and control personal data. NextPakk is the first service in last-mile logistics to do just that.

Reinventing the logistics of life is about more than tech. It’s offering solutions which give control back to consumers; evening scheduled package delivery with data privacy is last-mile logistics as it should be: delivering exactly what the end customer wants and needs, when it’s convenient for them.



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