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NFTerra Hackathon Accepting Ideas Submission Until Midnight Tonight

November 18th, 2021 at 6:38 pm UTC · 3 min read

Blockchain project Galactic Punks and a VC fund Contango Digital Assets have launched a unique NFTerra Hackathon with thousands in prizes and awards. The organizers said they are still accepting ideas from projects until 11:59pm. The contest for developers who specialize in Terra blockchain hopes to bring “fresh talent into the Terra space and build unique NFT solutions for a Web 3.0 future”.

NFTerra Hackathon Accepting Ideas Submission Until Midnight Tonight

Winners are getting 10,000 in UST, which is a stablecoin, 2nd place receives 5,000 USTs and the “bronze” is worth 2,500 UST coins.  There are plenty of additional prizes and incentives to participate, which range from $5,000 to $7,500.

NFTerra founders are saying they were able to start an open discussion to help empower developer communities and popularize Terra. The hackathon program includes a roundtable,   Twitter Spaces, and AMAs on podcasts so that teams can showcase their projects and share ideas. Topics include Infrastructure and Tools, NFT x TeFi, Metaverse and Gaming, Utility and Interoperability, Secret NFTs and DAO & Social.

Contango Digital Assets Co-founder Mike Grantis says about the event:

“NFTs on Terra are exploding. For NFTs and the Web3 to really be adopted and drive UST demand, there must be more tools, infrastructure, utility, and other builds that make it easier for artists, communities, and protocols to engage with the space.”

Contango is a Canadian venture capital fund and crypto advisory that invests in founders “who drive the financial revolution” and partners with innovative teams to stimulate community management, community growth, and project launch support.

Karma, Community Manager at Galactic Punks, says:

“We encourage teams to be creative and build around NFTs, Web3, and DAOs with a focus on the Terra & CosmWasm ecosystem. Register for NFTerra Hackathon so that you can either post your idea or brainstorm and meet others in our chat. If you don’t have an idea yourself, you can apply to join a team in our Team Formation phase. We have also set up public idea voting to see which ideas are the community favorites. But getting a lot of votes does not impact your application to the NFTerra Hack.”

Galactic Punks was one of the first NFT projects on Terra and has an active community of jpeg enthusiasts called GalacticDAO.

NFTerra partners are TerraForm Lab, crypto research and investment firm Delphi Digital, early-stage venture fund Hashed, data privacy network Secret Network, an NFT marketplace RandomEarth, and a community of NFT investors from the GalacticDAO, Luna Bulls & BullDAO.

You can submit an Idea by following this link.