NFTGamingStars: The Play-to-Earn Giant, Brings Staking up to 60% APY

Place/Date: - March 4th, 2022 at 12:46 pm UTC · 4 min read
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NFTGamingStars: The Play-to-Earn Giant, Brings Staking up to 60% APY

There are many ways you can earn cryptocurrency, from mining to trading on an exchange. But the easiest way of all is to stake your crypto. For those who are new to the world of cryptocurrency, staking might seem like a complicated process that not many people understand or know about. But in reality, it’s quite easy, especially when you stake them at NFTGamingStars. Once you have a wallet set up and some tokens inside, the only thing left to do is to stake them with NFTGamingStars to enjoy an APY of up to 60%.

The global financial markets are always evolving, and crypto is the latest addition. But do you know how to gain maximum crypto profits? The cryptocurrency market is a virtual world where anything is possible. You can earn cryptocurrency with just your computer and internet connection.

If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase, “staking” is the way to trade your cryptocurrency for more cryptocurrency. There are numerous variants in how these transactions function, as well as what they may include and the various benefits that come with them.

At What APY Does GS1 Staking Operate?

NFTGamingStars offers a 60 percent staking APY, so buy your GS1 tokens and stake them on their platform to start earning right away. It should be noted that current GS1 rates have an impact on staking. Anyone who has connected their wallets to the NFTGamingStars platform and has the appropriate wallet to get the tokens can stake their tokens without any difficulties.

To stake, you must submit your wallet address as well as the amount you want to stake. This sum will be used to determine the payouts for each token staked. There is an ROI calculator available that will determine how much you will earn on your stakes depending on current rates. All figures are provided as approximations for your convenience.

Until you opt to unstake, whatever funds you stake in this pool will be automatically gathered and restaked (compounded) for you. The main benefit of staking is that it allows you to earn more cryptocurrency, and interest rates can be pretty high. Staking GS1 at NFTGamingStars earns you up to 60% APY.

Staking Your GS1 Tokens at NFTGamingStars

NFTGamingStars is a decentralized platform for trading cryptocurrencies. The platform offers potential users the opportunity to earn additional GS1 tokens rather than buy them. Check out what NFTGamingStars has available on their site if you want to add some cryptocurrencies to your portfolio without sacrificing a full paycheck’s worth of funds. The website is both reliable and simple to use, as well as completely secure.

NFTGamingStars – The Future of Play-to-Earn Games

NFTGamingStars is a Binance Smart Chain NFT platform where you can earn cryptocurrencies by playing games. NFTGamingStars is a platform that seeks to provide its users with exclusive video gaming content in order for them to have fun while earning cryptocurrency(GS1). There are a plethora of games out there that take advantage of our inherent drive to compete and put ourselves to the test therefore, NFTGamingStars is working to provide users with at least two games every month in which they can play and earn GS1 from the comfort of their own homes.

From March 1st until December 31st, 2022, NFTGamingStars will burn 10 million GS1 tokens every month. It will be decided whether or not to continue burning at the end of the year.

Bottom Line

Staking is the procedure through which a person or group of people choose to hold cryptocurrencies to profit more passively. NFTGamingStars is offering you the opportunity to earn up to 60% APY by staking your GS1 tokens on their platform. If you’re among those considering cryptocurrency investment options, what are you waiting for? Join NFTGamingStars today and start staking your GS1 tokens.