Notorious Kings: 6006 Unique PFP 3D NFTs Launching This Spring on the ETH Blockchain

Place/Date: - March 7th, 2022 at 2:32 pm UTC · 6 min read
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Notorious Kings: 6006 Unique PFP 3D NFTs Launching This Spring on the ETH Blockchain
Photo: Notorious Kings NFT

The Rising Star of NFT Space

The evolution of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is the most amazing thing that happened in the crypto market. The buzzword has created hype and seemingly all billionaires, entrepreneurs, artists, and celebrities are talking about this technological miracle. In the last year, the NFT space has seen exponential growth. NFTs with real utilities have grown in the last period, and we would be expecting more of such projects, of what is really trending at the moment – Notorious Kings NFT, an amazing collection with unique 3D collectibles.

 So why is it soaring so much popularity?

Inspired from supreme lion dominators, and their greatest lion coalition of all times, Notorious Kings NFT is an attempt to bring their strong vibe back. An astonishing artwork that is recreating the coalition through the attentive work of 3D artists, that will yield desirable impact and results. The first lion avatar 3D project is donating for lion preservation, granting access to a thriving community, and providing many perks. A team with extensive experience in the digital space has united in a coalition pledged to make 6 Notorious Kings ETHernal. The project includes a total of 6006 collectibles that are unique and programmatically generated from 150+ hand-drawn traits.

The prominent difference between other NFTs and the Notorious Kings collection is that it has a real utility and is recreating the mesmerizing coalition of six kings which wrote real history pages. The quality of the art in this project is far more superior to similar collections and 3D art pushes the project to the next level. The project is offering a direct rewarding program for the community in which collection items, luxurious safari, sports car raffle, and many more gifts will be distributed.

Needless to say, what is really attractive with this current superstar of the NFT space are the insanely high yields they are offering to its users, so much so that investors around the world are eager to have a first look at these dominant creatures. Owning qualitative NFTs at the beginning of the massive digital revolution is a key in making huge profits in the midterm, as this expanding market will be way bigger in coming years. The project is also offering a huge incentive like having a Notorious Kings NFT will serve as a minting pass for the next 2 projects.

What are the risks involved?

“Our real-life utility defines who we are”; To put it bluntly, the hype around the NFTs became a perfect way to loot people of their hard-earned money. Many platforms that connect creators to users have a monopoly on the content that is distributed. Users are provided with a copy of the content, and creators do not necessarily own the content themselves. Platform owners and Media outlets reap profits while both creators and users remain in illusion of ownership. The artists or platform that mints the NFT gets to decide the storage place of NFT’s metadata and related media. This leads to the risk of losing NFTs because many platforms are more centralized than they may seem. More importantly, it is a mystery whether these financial instruments or platforms are designed and managed by qualified individuals, which is of direct implication to how sustainable are its economics.

Setting the New Standards – Introducing Notorious Kings

We have long envisioned a project which has real-life utility and is designed by professionals from the technological industry, one that aims for a long-term vision of sustainability, growth, and transparency. A soon-to-launch NFT project; Notorious NFT Kings aims to take the lead in setting a new benchmark in the wild west world of NFT.

Notorious Kings is a project built by professionals in the industry with high standards and security. A real-life utility with huge perks for the community which makes this project far more superior than others in the industry. The 3D artwork is created with attention to detail and thoughtfulness. With 6006 total unique 3D digital artworks, NOTORIOUS KINGS NFT is the first of many projects that the vision includes. Creators are encouraged here by generating direct revenue and the team has decided a 10% cut of the sale as standard payment.

The team of the project has ensured the art quality to surpass similar projects and inclusions of 3D art can push this project to BLUE CHIP status. The project is set to launch in spring 2022. Each Notorious King NFT is 100% unique and is programmatically generated from 150+ hand-drawn traits. Read more on NotoriousKingsNFT.

Looking beyond a singular point

Currently, a majority of NFTs come in the form of a JPEG, PNG, or GIF but Notorious King has made a coalition of 3D artists to provide artwork of high quality and real-life utility. In order to achieve ERC721 compatibility and create supporting facilities, NK uses a highly integrated and extensively funded infrastructure. This offers it first-mover advantages and excellent competitiveness. In this way, NK can take advantage of the industry’s top resources and grow its impact.

On-chain, ERC-721 tokens based on NFT artwork will be created. Ownership of the underlying artwork will be transferred to those who have NFT tokens, which are housed in ERC20 smart contracts.

Notorious Kings NFT – An Initiative to Catapult New Innovations

With the purpose of bringing new opportunities and technological advances in the realm of NFTs, Notorious king is taking a leap of faith and opening a new venue for users. Community members can join this coalition and collect rare and unique artwork. The First 1000 members to join Discord will participate in the raffle to win 3 NFT & WL Spots. As an incentive of being part of the NK’s NFT sales, community members can gain exclusive early access to two new upcoming projects. Owning qualitative NFTs at the very stages of the massive digital revolution is key in making huge profits and provides a unique experience for everyone.

Mark your calender and secure perks from Notorious Kings. Join the Discord Channel, and follow Notorious King’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Roar like a lion!