Global Number of Crypto ATM Installations Soars Past 24K

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Global Number of Crypto ATM Installations Soars Past 24K
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The total amount of cryptocurrency ATMs installed worldwide crosses a striking 24000 mark, with the US topping the list as a country hosting the maximum number of cryptocurrency ATMs globally.

According to Coin ATM Radar, a portal specializing in tracking crypto ATMs has issued new data stating the average number of crypto ATMs has increased in 2021 with a striking 24000 installations worldwide. USA tops the list with a significant 21,161 ATMs while Canada and UK have acquired a second and third position in the listing.

Crypto ATM Installation Notices a Surge in Numbers

The number of crypto ATM installations has substantially registered an increase of 70%. According to the new data provided by Coin ATM Radar, the number of machines installed globally has surpassed the 24000 mark where the USA has turned out to be in the lead hosting 21,161 crypto ATMs at premium locations.

Canada and the UK are positioned at second and third place with 1698 and 174 Crypto ATMs installations. The data also highlighted major Crypto ATM manufacturing companies in which Genesis Coin has topped the list with a manufacturing record of 9813 machines, followed by other leading manufacturers called General Bytes (5720 machines), Bitaccess ( 2766 machines), and CoinSource ( 1684 machines).

The list comprised 42 leading crypto ATM manufacturers in which Bitcoin Depot seems to have emerged as the winner and has acquired the title of being the largest crypto ATM operator out of 617 competitors with 3793 machines, followed by Coincloud and Coinflip with 2629 and 2628 machines.

Circle K to Deploy Crypto ATMs in All Their Stores across the US and Canada

Circle K, which is a leading convenience and fuel retailer company has announced that they will be installing crypto ATMs in all their stores and outlets spanned across the USA and Canada. Approximately 700 ATMs have been installed yet with a joint partnership with Bitcoin Depot.

The company has highlighted its intention of installing crypto ATMs on their outlets as a useful brand strategy to attract more consumers and assist them in devising efficient financial plans and strategies. The company wishes to help underserved communities to deliver optimized financial services and also create a distinctive identity as the leading ATM operator using crypto-based technology to deliver results.

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